3 Best Ways to Protect Your Business from Theft Losses

Protect Your Business from Theft Losses

Every business—regardless of your industry, size, or location—has valuable assets that need protection. If these assets are stolen, your company can suffer severely. Theft can cost a business thousands, and depending on what is stolen, may even force your business to close down for days or weeks at a time. How can you protect your business from falling victim to these major losses? Keep reading to learn the best forms of protection for your company.

Security Cameras

One of the first lines of defense for a business in preventing theft is installing security cameras. While this may seem like a small step to take, security cameras can be an excellent deterrent against criminal activity on your property. When would-be thieves spot cameras around your place of business, they know that they’re more likely to be caught and prosecuted for their actions. This makes it less likely that they’ll target your business.

Installing security cameras on entrances and exits, as well as in any areas where valuable property can be accessed, is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your business from theft-related losses.

Clear Security Procedures

Oftentimes, the people within your business can leave your company vulnerable to theft, even if unintentionally. For example, the last person out of the door at night might forget to lock up. Or, employees might share their entrance code to let a friend into the office during lunch. Your company should have clearly established security procedures that are strictly upheld, regardless of an employee’s position. Proper training in regards to both premises security and data security can go a long way towards protecting your business.

Backup Your Data

While data backups won’t prevent a data theft or network hack from occurring, it can go a long way towards preventing catastrophic losses that risk bankrupting your business. One common tactic that hackers use to profit off of targeting businesses is to encrypt your data so that you can’t use it until you pay them a hefty ransom. If you have a recent backup of your data, you can restore the backed up version and get back to business without having to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to a hacker.

Backing up your data, properly training your employees on security measures, and office CCTV installation in Orlando are 3 of the best ways to protect your business from major theft-related losses.

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