10 Ultra-Powerful Copywriting Techniques

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The 10 copywriting techniques I’m going to tell you about in this article. By applying these methods you will finally know what to write, and especially how to write it to convince your readers to buy your products.

You don’t have to be a good copywriter, don’t worry. Just apply these 10 tips without the hassle.

Lets’ go.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is knowing how to persuade a reader to take action (buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, download a free eBook, follow you on social networks, etc.).

Whenever you want to win new customers, convince your subscribers to read your article, relaunch prospects who are a little too silent, announce the release of a new product/service, master copywriting techniques is a must that will make all the difference.

To put it simply: copywriting is the art of writing to sell. We also talk about copywriting, or persuasive writing.

These sales persuasion techniques are used for all types of media:

  • The blog articles ;
  • sales letters;
  • newsletters;
  • advertising spots;
  • Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns, etc.;
  • The flyers.

The copywriting techniques checklist for 5-star content

1 – Know your target reader

To get into the heads of your readers, to know their fears, their frustrations, and their absolute desires, and to offer them answers to their problems, there is no secret: you have to know them by heart.

Kind of like a mother would know her child.

This copywriting technique creates a virtuous circle: the more you know about them, the more you will be able to personalize your content. The more they will identify. The more they will feel understood, the more they will fall under the spell.

What does it mean to know your reader?

It is knowing:

  • who he is ;
  • where he lives ;
  • what he eats;
  • how he speaks;
  • how much he earns;
  • how he sleeps;
  • with whom he lives;
  • his passions ;
  • its values, etc.

It’s simple.

You need to address your reader. Personally.

Not convinced?

OK, here is an example.

You have a blog on healthy eating. You are not going to sell your products or services the same way to:

  • a middle-class mother who wants to give her children a balanced diet without breaking the bank;
  • a man in his fifties just recovered from cancer who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle;
  • A young woman, in her twenties, who wants to stop junk food and lose those famous 5 extra pounds.

Do you now understand why this copywriting technique is fundamental to the success of your business?

Very well.

I will now give you another tip.

2 – Attract with impactful titles

Always remember this great rule of copywriting: a bland headline is the most effective way to kill yourself online.

Without a good headline, readers will simply not read your articles. They will never know how awesome you are. You will never end your days on a sandy beach with your toes in a fan.

Yes, I know, it’s sad.

So what is a good title?

A clear title, which immediately presents the benefit of your reader.

With numbers, it’s even better.

3 – Make a promise, and respond to it

One of the copywriting techniques you can use to convince your readers that your products are what they need: solving their problems.

Your sole purpose should be to help your audience. It is who makes you (or will make you live), never forget it.

Solving problems is more important than knowing all the tricks of mental persuasion in the world. Even with the best copywriting techniques, you won’t sell anything if your product smells like a scam 10 miles away.

4 – Use simple and direct language

Forget everything you learned in last class: adverbs, transitions, convoluted formulas.

Your goal is to sell. Use the same language as your readers, avoid jargon and other complicated words that only you can understand.

5 – Start at the end

Clearly determine the purpose of your article, your sales page, your ad. Then make each of your paragraphs help accomplish that goal.

1 item = 1 problem

It’s not more complicated just read our best online copywriting course that completely guide you about the goal and problem.

6 – Show the benefits

To convince your prospect to subscribe to your newsletter or buy the last training you took months to complete, you need to make them understand what benefits they will get from it.

This copywriting technique would make you sell oil to a prince of Saudi Arabia!

The human being is selfish, you see.

He is not going to buy a product from you because you spent sleepless nights creating it, but because it will meet a need.

For each of the characteristics of your product, list one or more benefits.

7 – Apply the principle of the inverted pyramid

A study by the Nielsen Norman Group shows that 81% of Internet users read the first paragraph while only 32% read the fourth.


Order your ideas in decreasing order of importance.

If you promise THE tip for better managing your time by parenting triplets, you’ll need to deliver it in your first game.


Enlighten the reader early as early as possible. He is free to read on if he wants to know more. At least your job is done. You will not sound like a liar.

This copywriting technique is a golden rule in web writing.

8 – Air the text

The reader should be able to understand your main ideas just by scanning the page. Structure your article with:

  • headlines and subtitles presenting the benefits for your reader;
  • bullet points;
  • Short sentences.

9 – Respond to objections

A very powerful copywriting technique is responding to the objections of your readers – that is, anything that would stop you from taking action.

Another persuasive trick to slip into your content: write frequently asked questions, better known as FAQs.

FAQ is the best way to answer various objections in one place. You don’t waste time and neither does your reader. It’s fast, efficient and reassuring.

  • Put testimonials from people won over by your products or services. It brings 1000 times more value than if you said yourself that you are doing a super awesome job;
  • put certifications, if your theme lends itself to it;
  • Offer video case studies.

10 – Use the “you”

Among the easiest copywriting techniques to apply.

Talk more about your customer than yourself.

Yes, your reader likes you to tell them about them. And the more you do it, the more chances you will give it to project itself and to appreciate your content. The more he will want to read you. And the more he reads, the more likely he is to act.

Everything we write “to get people to act should contain 3 times more words such as” You “rather than words such as” I “.

You see, writing compelling content isn’t that horrible. It takes a bit of work, we’re not going to lie to each other. But the more you apply these copywriting techniques, the more they will become automatic.

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