10 Interesting Facts About The History of Scotland

interesting facts about scotland

When someone says Scotland, do bagpipes and kilts immediately come to mind? There is more to Scotland’s history than meets the eye.

From ancient stones, castles, and it’s official animal, the history of Scotland will surprise and delight you. Oh, and do we have any Harry Potter fans? Stick around, you’ll love what’s coming up.

If it isn’t on your bucket list yet, by the time you finish reading this article you will add visiting Scotland. The beauty of the land, the history of Scotland, and the mysteries that surround it all are incredible. You will add Scotland to your bucket list sooner than you think.

There’s more to Scotland’s history than wearing kilts. Keep reading for 10 interesting facts about the history of Scotland.

10 Interesting Facts About The History of Scotland

We’re sharing 10 interesting facts about the history of Scotland you’ll fall in love with. There is much more to Scotland than you think. Scotland truly has something for everyone.

If your a nature lover, you’ll love over 700 islands Scotland has to explore. Harry Potter Fan? You’ll love taking a ride on “Hogwart’s Express” aka Jacobite Steam Train. Scotland includes filming sites for Harry Potter while exploring historic sites.

Do you love to visit the countries or learn history about inventions? Some famous Scottish inventions we are sure you are quite familiar with include the television and the telephone.

This article will surprise you with facts about Scotland. Grab a pen and paper and start planning your trip to the wee land of Scotland.

1. Official Animal

Scotland is no stranger to mystery. However, you may be surprised that the official animal of Scotland is the Unicorn adding to the mystery of this country. Unicorn lovers everywhere will be surprised to know the Unicorn is an official animal of a country.

2. Island History

Did you know that Scotland has over 790 islands? This will get you excited to explore endlessly. About 100 of them are inhabited and full of places to explore like Isle of Skye. Isle of Skye is full of greenery, castles, and fishing villages to explore.

3. Stone Monuments

Callanish Stones are stone monuments erected 3,000–4,000 years ago. They are thought to tie to points in the lunar cycle. Tying into the mystery in Scotland, one myth states they are petrified giants who refused to convert to Christianity.

4. Largest Church

St Andrews is the largest church in Scotland. Built in 1158, the church, or what remains of it, is almost a thousand years old. For those that love history, architecture and ruins, this is a site to visit.

5. Loch Ness

The lake itself is the largest loch in Scotland and breathtaking. What adds to its appeal and tourist visits for centuries is the mystery of Loch Ness. The mystery continues on today. The legend started in first century AD, Nessie went global in 1933 when a local paper, ran an article of a couple’s eye-witness sighting.

6. Highland Games

For hundreds of years, the Highland games have combined heritage, culture, and community to bring together natives and tourists.

Do you love athletics or superhuman feats? Learning about the history of the Highland Games or visiting them to see for yourself the games like shot putt or weight for height may be for you.

The games include livestock and parades. They became so popular they immigrated with natives when they went to other countries. The games started in the US in 1836.

7. Edinburgh’s Architecture

The skyline of Edinburgh is incredible and said to have inspired the set for the Wizard of Oz. For the castle lovers, a visit to the grand Edinburgh Castle is a must for your Scotland itinerary.

A visit to Edinburgh’s Old Town with its architecture, its cobblestone streets, and culture will make you feel like you are in a Harry Potter movie. While you are exploring Edinburgh, this gift guide will help you get gifts for loved ones.

8. Jacobite Steam Train

Any Harry Potter lovers here? The Jacobite Steam Train was originally set up in 1984 to inspire tourism between Fort William and Mallaig.

Once Jacobite Steam train was featured in Harry Potter movies as Hogwarts Express, it became world-famous and a tourist magnet. The 42-mile route is very scenic passing lochs, forest, and villages and well worth the trip.

9. Famous Inventions

Two inventions most of us use daily, the television and the telephone are credited to Scottish born inventors. Famous Scottish inventions include the television, developed by John Logie Baird in 1925, the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

Every time you pick up the phone to text, e-mail or call you won’t look at it the same anymore. Not a wee bit.

10. Legal System

Scotland still has its own legal system that is separate from England, Wales, and Northern Island. In Scotland’s legal system, juries may return verdicts of guilt, not guilty, and not proven.

A visit to the Parliament in Edinburgh to see and explore may interest you as well. 

10 Interesting Facts About Scotland

These 10 interesting facts about the country of Scotland may surprise and excite you. Which interesting fact intrigued you the most? What fascinates you about Scotland the most? If you haven’t already, its time to add it to your bucket list.

You don’t want to miss experiencing and exploring the history of Scotland. It’s a trip you may take solo, with a group, and with your family. It has something for everyone.

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