10 Interesting Facts About How the Universe Works

How Universe Works

The Universe really is mind-blowing. Despite everything we know, we only actually know about 5% of how the universe works.

There is so much more about the Universe that we have to learn yet, and everything new thing that we learn is just as spectacular as the last.

And if you keep reading, we will share 10 of the most astounding facts about the universe as we know it.

1. There Is No Sound in Space

Due to space having zero atmosphere, sound has no ability to travel. In order to communicate with one another, astronauts must use radios as radio waves are still received.

2. The Number of Stars in the Sky Is Unknown

Still to this day, it is unknown just how many stars there are in the sky. There are so many that it would be possible to predict just how many. So far, only estimates have been made, and scientists believe the sky may comprise between 200 and 400 billion stars.

3. The Sun Needs 225 Million Years to Travel the Galaxy

It takes 365 days for the earth to fully orbit the sun, however; it takes the sun 225 million years to orbit the galaxy, and this isn’t even the most mind-blowing fact in this article.

4. The Universe Is About 13.8 Billion Years Old

How old is the Universe? Well, believe it or not, the age of the Universe is predicted to be about 13.8 billion years old, and the sun is 4.603 billion years old.

And if you sat there wondering are wondering how big is the universe? Well, according to scientists it is predicted to be 93 billion light-years in diameter!

5. Venus Has Longer Days Than Years

Because Venus being the slowest planet to rotate, it takes longer to complete a rotation than it does to orbit. This causes Venus to experience days that are longer than its years.

6. Footprints Left on the Moons Surface Will Be Visible for 100 Years

Because there is zero atmosphere on the moon, it has no weather conditions like the wind or water to alter the surface. Therefore the prints left by astronauts prints will remain there for hundreds of years.

7. Water Is Floating Around in Space

Scientists say there is a massive water vapor cloud that has 140 times the amount of water that is currently on earth and is the largest source of water known.

8. The United States of America Is Bigger Than Pluto

Pluto, one of the smallest planets in our universe, is smaller than the United States of America. It only avoids 1st place in the smallest planets, thanks to Mercury, which is now taken the top spot.

9. Jupiter’s Red Spot Is Getting Smaller Every Decade

Every decade, Jupiter’s famous red spot has been getting smaller and smaller, and scientists don’t know if it will ever stop shrinking. Jupiter is incredible.

10. You Cannot See 95% Of the Universe

The stuff you see when you look up in the sky, all the stars, and the clouds only make up 5% of the Universe, which means there is 90% of the Universe that we can’t see or we don’t know about yet.

Want More Information on How the Universe Works?

We know how fun it is learning how the universe works, and we really hope you enjoyed these fun facts that you may not have known about the universe.

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