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Coca Cola Facts

What the bleep do we know about this revolutionary beverage? Coca Cola has been invented by doctor/pharmacist John Pemerton in 1886. John believed that this drink was medicine and since it was made from coca leaves it can relieve you from pain and exhaustion. This all makes sense since coca leaves contain cocaine (from 0.1% to 0.9% depending on altitude where grown). Today Coca Cola is produced without cocaine. Interestingly, Coca Cola Company still imports around 100 tons of coca leaves each year from Peru firm called National Coca Co. In order to import coca leaves into United States you need special license from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

It takes 2 liters of water to produce one liter of Coca Cola. Lack of the clean water made Indian farmers protest in 2004 against the Coca Cola Company and their water consumption in third world countries. Interesting Coca Cola fact is that few years earlier Coca Cola launched program called "Just Say No to H2O" which involves spreading the idea to drink Coca Cola instead of water. Main idea of the program was to serve Coca Cola for free in restaurants where customers ordered plain drinking water.

It is the urban myth that Coca Cola was originally green. Coca Cola has always been the same brownish color. As much as we hate Coca Cola we can't resist drinking it. Why? The truth is that we are addicted to the soft drinks containing caffeine and large quantities of sugar.

What are the ingredients of Coca-Cola? From the Coca Cola label: carbonated water, cane sugar, caramel color, food acid (phosphoric acid 338), "flavor" and caffeine. However, there is also a secret ingredient in Coca Cola called 'Merchandise 7X' and description of this ingredient is kept in a security vault in Atlanta, Georgia. Only few very high positioned officials know what is hidden behind this secret ingredient. The questions arises what do we really drink?

What we know today is that Coca Cola is very acidic drink with a high quantity of sugar that masks the acid taste. The acid in Coca Cola is called phosphoric acid which is known to dissolve teeth, metal and it will eat away your liver. In reality Coca Cola won't kill you instantly. It will make your body prone to many other diseases like: osteoporosis (lack of calcium due high levels of phosphorous), cancer, mild depression, flu-like feelings, teeth problems, and fatigue.

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I have done an experiment today with cola, I got 50ml or coke into a clear cup and then poured 10ml of milk in to it and waited 6 hours and the results where amazing but disgusting too,the cola separated into 3 parts, so the top had a layer of mud looking substance, then in the middle it looked like urine and then at the bottom is thick gritty sand it looks horrible, it hasn't put me off but defto opened my eyes, also if you out a penny into a bottle of coke for around 1 week it will dissolve lol. Enjoy
rochelle at 05:05AM, Feb 13th 2015.
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Linda Wells
Interesting Webpage with Unique Information

Interesting Webpage with Unique Information

Pepsi vs Coke or Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi

Pepsi vs Coke or Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi
Linda Wells at 07:05PM, Oct 22nd 2012.
why did u guys ruin a perfectly gud drink for me ,,,booooo
hmmm at 03:14PM, Oct 5th 2012.
I've drunk cola about 100000 times and feel good myself. so there is a question : "Where is your ****ing cocain?"
Cocmaniac at 02:23PM, Jun 13th 2012.
Dude they took out the {cocaine} you retards or you probably be dead they have to share those secret ingredients with goverment to be passed through the borders coca cola wouldn't be in america if they didn't take out the cocaine. No way you can prove me wrong unless you want to go into the factory youself and get arested.
UnknownPerson at 04:38PM, Apr 18th 2012.
i cant say what is the taste of cola because only once i drunk that.
tamanna at 05:13AM, Mar 11th 2012.
This is nonesense! This can't be true. If it were, then, Coca Cola would have been already closed. THINK people, THINK! The government can't just let a drink made from cocaine launched to the market. Sorry, don't believe it..
FAndy at 02:36AM, Feb 10th 2012.
i don't understand what you are talking you think that officials keep silent if coca cola hurts people?this is miss leading paragraph
antu at 08:48AM, Jan 27th 2012.
Merchandise 7X is part of the secret formula for Coca-cola. According to John S. Pemberton's diary, the formula for Coke is as follows:

1 oz (28 g) caffeine citrate
3 oz (85 g) citric acid
1 US fl oz (30 ml; 1 imp fl oz) vanilla extract
1 US qt (946 ml; 33 imp fl oz) lime juice
2.5 oz (71 g) "flavoring," i.e., "Merchandise 7X"
30 lb (14 kg) sugar
4 US fl oz (118.3 ml; 4.2 imp fl oz) powder extract of cocaine (decocainized flavor essence of the coca leaf).
2.5 US gal (9.5 l; 2.1 imp gal) water
caramel sufficient

Merchandise 7X includes:
80 oil orange
40 oil cinnamon
120 oil lemon
20 oil coriander
40 oil nutmeg
40 oil neroli
1 US qt (946 ml; 33 imp fl oz) alcohol

Read more:
Rob at 10:42AM, Jan 21st 2012.
i hate cola, i have never drank it since childhood, i think, coke's secret is poison! at the University my professor did experiment with coke, and it is more than true, that coke dissolve teeth, we done experiment with egg's shell and teeth, results was amazing!!!
Arthur at 12:05AM, Jan 8th 2012.
Mackenzie Merritt
Mackenzie Merritt at 04:16PM, Dec 23rd 2011.
Drea wrote: #
This is why I hate Coke. GROOOSSSSSS!!! Not to mention, soda in general is part of the reason America is full of disgustingly fat people. Control yourselves, nasties.

Lol, really?
Tanya at 06:34PM, Apr 3rd 2011.
GABE08 at 10:32AM, Apr 1st 2011.
I love This Website.
Madilyn at 11:33AM, Mar 2nd 2011.
hello at 08:55PM, Feb 28th 2011.
Here is why Coke imports the leaves

"In the United States, Stepan Company is the only manufacturing plant authorized by the Federal Government to import and process the coca plant,[33] which it obtains mainly from Peru and, to a lesser extent, Bolivia. Besides producing the coca flavoring agent for Coca-Cola, Stepan Company extracts cocaine from the coca leaves, which it sells to Mallinckrodt, a St. Louis, Missouri pharmaceutical manufacturer that is the only company in the United States licensed to purify cocaine for medicinal use." - From
Quentin at 06:16AM, Feb 4th 2011.
They are soooo cooking and selling coke. Terrorists and Mafias have been funding their organisations through drugs for a long time. Not to mention organisations are so big they could hide stuff so easily.
TheGuy at 10:45PM, Jan 26th 2011.
Siddharth Ray
If i had the power i would have destroyed the company.What a big cheat?What is the secret behind "merchandise 7x"?What harm can it cause to us?
Siddharth Ray at 05:53AM, Jan 15th 2011.
there not puttin coke in the drink there cookin it and sellin it thats exactly whats goin down
kyle at 02:23PM, Jan 6th 2011.
Jerry Fallwell
Is anyone else noticing the utter lack of definite articles like the, a, an etc. Who is writing this stuff?
Jerry Fallwell at 08:27AM, Jan 6th 2011.
I saw a documentary on this and they still import the leaves to extract something from them, not cocaine, possibly the "flavour"
Laura at 07:18PM, Jan 2nd 2011.
Xser Gods
I have found on Wikipedia the "Merchandise 7X" recipes

This recipe is attributed to a diary owned by Coca-Cola inventor, John S. Pemberton, just before his death in 1888. (U.S. measures)

Flavoring (Merchandise 7X):
80 oil orange
40 oil cinnamon
120 oil lemon
20 oil coriander
40 oil nutmeg
40 oil neroli
1 US qt (946 ml; 33 imp fl oz) alcohol
Xser Gods at 03:58AM, Dec 21st 2010.
Some facts in here were new to me.
James at 10:14AM, Nov 25th 2010.

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