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Invention Of Zero

Zero was invented in India by Indian mathematicians dating as early as 5th century. They widely used it in calculations, astronomy and astrology. Zero was spread by Arabians to the Europe and there on it was spread all over. Before this, all Europeans used roman numerical which were difficult to calculate on as they were in the form of Symbols, lengthy and had limits.

New Math Multiplication Method

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Mario wrote: #
No one cares, or no one caress? Obviously, you do, or you would have not written one word. Truly though, if no one cares, then why the discussion. Be wise, and put the care back into your being, or be less than zero.

Hey mario... get lost...

maya at 03:35PM, Oct 30th 2010.
No one cares, or no one caress? Obviously, you do, or you would have not written one word. Truly though, if no one cares, then why the discussion. Be wise, and put the care back into your being, or be less than zero.
Mario at 03:46AM, Oct 20th 2010.
hizzel (:
*no one .
hizzel (: at 10:39AM, Oct 19th 2010.
hizzel (:
hizzel (: at 10:36AM, Oct 19th 2010.
When we stand alone, we are nothing, when we stand together, we are great!
Mario at 07:18PM, Oct 17th 2010.
If you really want to believe that the Indian culture and all the math is superior, so be it, if it makes you feel better... and secure about yourselves and your place in this world. You will not, though, change historical records about the Maya and how they independently 'thought up' their zero, as a shell symbol, because it is already written in stone on ancient buildings and in ancient records. Here we are in the twenty first century and what we seriously need are people who can progress our understanding further by moving on what the ancients knew. The time is ripe for new scholars to come forth and expound upon these great mysteries. Although, do not forget to heed the great philosophy of Hinduism which states, we can never know the mind of Brahman while looking into the physical world... so, ultimately, even the great mathematicians of India cannot know the final truth, until they transcend the body.

In Maya spiritualism, there is also a similar belief, as it goes for Christianity and probably every other religion and/or belief. In other words, our minds have not the capacity to realize, nor can our bodies accept the mind of the great spirit.

With regards to zero, when it stands alone, it is nothing. When it stands with others, it becomes great!
Mario at 07:16PM, Oct 17th 2010.
Hellow khushi, ur thought about zero,might b true. Because as u refer the cbse book. Mine also. But books was different. Its Discovery Of India(Bharat ek khoj), and some novels. I would like to correct your 1 mistake. Its "VARAHMIHIR" Not "bahamihir" a tamil researcher.(Varahmihir,aaryabhatt,dhanwantari,brahmgupt these 4 great people was working as mythologist in Darbar of king Chandragupt mourya II. That time known in India as a GOLDEN ERA. Anyways, Bt truth get us proud. Indian men invent this zero. Any ways keep reading more and more. And share with me and pals who following this site. Thanx for ur comment. Tc. Bye
Pramod.rawte at 06:59AM, Oct 17th 2010.
well instead of fighting for zero we should read our history, i know its boring but truth is hidden there. well 0 was not discovered by aryabhatta he was one who used it 1st its concept was presented by bahamihir a tamil resercher. but his concept was denied later used by aryabhatta and brahmagupta did further expansion of rule. india laid the base mathmatics..................... refer 9th standard cbse board history 8 yr old syllabus. or you can read it in saras bharti
khushi at 03:03PM, Oct 16th 2010.
you guys rock !!! keep fighting !!
fight for zero !! zero is very important. it increases the value of money. multiply by ten and you have one extra zero. wonderful isn't it?
so guys, fight and decide who invented zero !!!
I will keep an eye for the ongoing fight.
myself at 09:51AM, Jun 28th 2010.
zero is a spiritual was there in india since 17000 years back.
anupam at 09:35AM, Jun 28th 2010.
The earliest date, thus far for the usage of zero (shell glyph) for the Maya has been found to be 36 bce. The shell glyph was already understood and was presumed to be in usage throughout the Maya world, and was most certainly used before this date, as according to Mayanists.

Cleverdev at 10:27PM, Jun 24th 2010.
Tomo wrote: #
The nr. zero was invented independently in India and
by the Maya. In India a decimal system was used, like
ours, but they used an empty space for zero up to 3rd
Century BC. This was confusing for an empty space was
also used to separate numbers, and so they invented
the dot for a zero. The first evidence for the use of
the symbol that we now know as zero stems from the 7th
century AD. The Maya invented the number zero for
their calendars in the 3rd century AD.
The number zero reached European civilisation through
the Arabs after 800 AD. The Greek and Roman did not
need the number zero for they did their calculations
on an abacus. The name 'zero' comes from the arabic
(Data from the book "the calender" by D. E. Duncan).

Dr. Wassenaar

gcfg at 05:37AM, Jun 24th 2010.
the gal who rox
i am vry thankful fr who so ever posted this
as it was very useful famme
thnx a lot
n u rock

signin off
a student
the gal who rox at 08:55AM, Jun 21st 2010.
the gal who rox
hey people
itz time 2 open ur eyes
check wikipedia
its given dat indians hve discovered 0
n no bdy else
i will not besr any bdy sayin anythng else
the gal who rox at 08:53AM, Jun 21st 2010.

Cleverdev at 02:56AM, Jun 6th 2010.
Stop your madness. Are you here in America? Where is your arryabhatt, in India? You must go to him and ask him yourself where he got this wisdom? Where is this wisdom written before him in such detail? Did he receive a revelation from Brahma, or was it from MAYA? :)

Relax dude!

Please, don't forgt, the Maya are alive and well, thank you very much! Not even the invasion of the entire world can stop them! Show some respect! In other words, don't be like the conquerors, please.
Mario at 02:11AM, Jun 6th 2010.
In the world there are only 1 ancient culture present that time,even now HINDU/AARYA. The extream old and only known litrature is VED. Zere is present in RUGVED. Aftr this between 476AD-520AD. 1 Indian scintist "AARYABHATT"(d/b 14-apr-476) (from Bihar State,kusumpur village) Who responsible to shine n add more invension in this culture. The most important invensions of Aryabhatta is-
Pi= 3.1416,
(A+B)^2= A^2+2ab+B^2,
Exact time of Eclips,
Now please stop this stupid discussion- who invented zero. And forget that Maya culture. Even they cant save themselve. INDIAN culture is 1 n only most oldest culture. Present even now.
Pramod. at 12:52AM, Jun 5th 2010.
Admin comment
Interesting Facts
Nicely said Upasana :)
Interesting Facts at 07:48AM, Jun 3rd 2010.

Well said !!!
You are true pacifier.
myself at 12:52AM, Jun 3rd 2010.
Well said! :)
Mario at 10:07PM, Jun 2nd 2010.
ok guys dont fight
the world was not created by the indiand but it wasent created by the mayans either
we all form a part of mixed cultures without even realising it
0 was always there we just didnt realise it
so time to stop this fight 4 zero
upasana at 03:03AM, Jun 1st 2010.
that'not the thing i needed
saideep at 02:00AM, Apr 29th 2010.
Correction to above: Continually being oppressed by the Spanish...
Mario at 03:40AM, Apr 15th 2010.
Ah, but Bob, you did not realize that the Maya still thrive in the jungles of Central America. They have not given up the fight of over 500 years continually being oppression by the Spanish originally, then by the various governments where they live. They still practice their ancient knowledge passed down from generation to generation, like the Jews who were once scattered, they were able to retain much knowledge that has been kept secret from most outside eyes, until recently. They have many outside influences to thank, such a many Americanos who have helped with their cause, regarding the recent (last twenty years) uprisings spurred on by land disputes, etc.
Mario at 03:38AM, Apr 15th 2010.
lol it doesn't matter. I have always known Indians discovered the zero and Mayans making this discovery is surprising. Either way, the mayans are gone thanks to the invading spanish conquistadors, merged into mexico and central america. India still exists though it was ruled by Great Britain for a period of time. All civilizations are good. We should all unite together but alas, it's just an unreachable dream. Anyways, India invented zero by itself and so did the Mayans.
bob at 04:47PM, Apr 11th 2010.

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