Women Banned From Marathons

In 1926, women were banned from competing in marathons because it was believed it caused infertility. After the Violet Percy from Great Britain who ran first official marathon, 800m was the maximum distance a woman could \”safely\” run. It wasn\’t until 1963 the next official time was recorded for a woman. Interesting fact is that Violet Percy is not the first women to run the marathon. Three years before her, Frances Hayward in 1923 finished Comrades marathon in 11 hours and 35 minutes (unofficially since women were not allowed to run this marathon).

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  1. i think that taht is a stupid reason for not letting women run. what kind of dumb person thinks that if a woman runs shes not gonna have babies?

  2. BLAH – you’re wrong. There’s good evidence that running long distances can actually cause women to not be able to conceive .. check it out.

  3. Actually I’m pretty sure the first woman to run a marathon was Stamatis Rovithi. She ran a marathon after the 1896 Olympic marathon competition had been completed since women were not allowed to participate in the Olympic events.

  4. People didn’t always use reason 100 years ago and sexism was very common. Some pe
    ople still don’t use reason.

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