Why Vaping is Considered Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

Vaping vs smoking

For years, your friend has been smoking cigarettes after lunch, a quick puff before work, and another one when going back home from work; how we can forget a casual smoke while relaxing with friends on weekends. But after a few times, your friend started experiencing shortness of breath and casual cough. When he visited the doctor, he diagnosed your friend with lung cancer. It is a big wake-up call for you; it is time that you should quit smoking.

It just takes a month to get addicted, but quitting is not that easy. I just thought you don’t need to take mint after smoking or find a lighter in your bag again. Because you gave up cigarettes, and now you are feeling much better. But if you are unable to quit, then there is a safe alternative for you.

In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts as to why vaping is safer than cigarettes.

Contains Less Dangerous Chemicals

One of the first facts is that traditional cigarettes contain harmful chemicals and toxins such as Lead, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, and Arsenic. A study shows that a normal cigarette contains 24 toxic chemicals. It is proven that smoking can cause a variety of cancers in the body. Furthermore, a study shows that 200 people die daily due to smoking only in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, E-cigarettes are made using two common ingredients and Nicotine.

Not Harmful To Body Systems and Vital Organs

Smoking has harmful effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in the body. On the other hand, vaping is proven to pose no such threats. Many scientists have done their research on smoking and vaping. They have found no connection between vaping and damage to health.

It is Not Addictive

It is a fact that smoking is addictive due to the Nicotine. But people don’t know that there are other chemicals as well that make a man addicted to smoking. A study published in 1994 explains that there are 599 additional additives present in the cigarettes. But still, they are mass-produced in countries like the United States. We also know that most of them have different chemicals like Acetaldehyde and Ammonia that work with Nicotine to make it even more potent and addictive.

On the other hand, vaping contains only one addictive chemical, which is Nicotine. Hence, any E-liquid you choose will be less addictive. If you want to learn more about vaping, then you can visit Destination Smoke.

Help You Quit Smoking

There are thousands of people around the globe who have quit smoking thanks to vaping. Furthermore, various evidence proves that it is an effective means to quit smoking compared to any other. We know that there are other alternatives, such as chewing gum or patches, but they are not as effective as vaping.

Available in Various Flavors

As you know, most of the outlets sell cigarettes in tobacco and menthol flavours. However, the vaping liquid is available in these two and also in other various flavours. You can choose any flavour according to your demand. Vaping is available in different fruit and sweet flavours. It is also possible to vape in your favourite food or coffee flavour. If you are starting the journey of quitting smoking, it will help you down the path.

Less Harmful To Others

Smoking is no doubt dangerous for smokers, but it can also affect people around them. If you are sitting near a smoker, there is a high chance you are breathing air containing harmful toxins and chemicals. It is called passive smoking, and it can also cause cancer and other various diseases. A large portion of the smoke is hidden from the human eye, which is why passive smokers also suffer from coronary disease.

On the other hand, smoke produced from vaping does not contain such harmful toxins. Any passive inhaling will not affect your health. A recent study shows that vapers have vitamin E, beneficial for muscle and normal bone function. We all know that most passive smokers are people we love the most. That explains that vaping is not only safe for you but for your loved ones as well.

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