Why Should You Ensure Azure Cloud Security in Your Organization?

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Protecting your organization against cyber threats is an ongoing process. According to the Microsoft Digital Defense Report, over 5 billion threats were blocked by the company. Cybercriminal activities are on the rise, taking advantage of the crisis the world is in.

Thus, it becomes your responsibility to strengthen your cloud environment with all resources you can afford. To know about third-party security solutions that work in tandem with Azure, click here.

The article will look at different security challenges your organization could face and how Azure could help overcome them.

Reasons to Ensure Azure Cloud Security in Your Organization 

Identity Management to Secure Applications and Data

Azure is a complex system made up of various entities. These entities are constantly interacting with each other. They have privileges assigned to them, which lets them access applications and data. Privilege escalations, unmanaged privileges, superuser accounts could all contribute to security concerns.

Azure security integrated with a third-part solution could help with identity management. You could gain visibility over different identities, permissions, and interactions, leveraging this information to develop better security strategies.

Protect Data from Unauthorized Access

Data is an integral asset of your organization. It provides you with a competitive edge in the market. In the Azure environment, data is spread across the system. How do you ensure data protection when it is being transferred over the network? How do you protect data when it is stored in the cloud? In case of unauthorized access to the system, your data becomes vulnerable.

A security solution could help identify and classify data accordingly, how the data is accessed, and whom. You could also establish baselines, which would check data integrity at each action. Even in case of malicious activities, the system would detect threats, and you can ensure corrective action to protect data.

Gain Insights with Understanding Azure

Azure Security Center is a powerful tool provided to manage threats centrally. But, it is not an all-encompassing tool, and you would have to perform additional actions to safeguard Azure workloads. There are several identities present and interacting in the system at all times. You first need a unified view of the system before you can make any improvements.               

You can view different identities, understand their relationships, and interdependencies with the help of a third-party security solution. Once you know what is going on in the system, you can look for areas of improvement and close any gaps that could leave your organization vulnerable. To learn more about deep understanding and integration with Azure, check online.

Automate Governance for Improved Security

Owing to the complexity of the environment, it is not a feasible option to manually keep track of identities in the system, what permissions they have, or what they are accessing. The key here is automation.

It would help if you had a solution that studies the state of the system. This information can establish baselines that you can further use to design and automate security runs.   

Evolve with Continuous Monitoring

Lastly, you must continuously monitor what is going on in your system. Strategies may become irrelevant in the face of new emerging threats. The operating model of your organization needs to adapt or evolve with changing times.

With 24/7 monitoring, your system is being continuously checked for any deviations from normal behavior. Data integrity is ensured at every interaction. New threats detected could help you form better security strategies.

Credential harvesting and ransomware are some of the top techniques employed by cybercriminals. In a cloud environment, you must leverage all tools possible to protect your organization’s assets. Implement the best practices provided by Microsoft. Further, strengthen cloud security with a third-party solution that seamlessly integrates with Azure. 

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