Why should we wear insoles in our shoes? Give reasons

Why use insoles in shoes

Our feet do a lot of work every day without us even realizing it. They are our most valuable allies, when running every day, during our sporting activities or when standing for long periods of time.

It is common for our feet to get tired. Some of us consider this feeling “normal”. But there is a solution that takes the strain off our feet and gives them the comfort they deserve: wear custom insoles. Although they are invisible, we at Stylo shoes online consider them indispensable.

Maybe you already wear some? Or maybe you’ve heard about it but don’t know if you need any? There are many types of insoles to suit the needs of every foot and activity. There are even kids insoles, that can be added to most shoes for additional support and to promote proper development.

Who are they for?

The insoles are suitable for all sporting activities and also in life. When we buy a pair of sneakers or other street shoes, the insoles that come with it are in the standard format. But a foot is unique, and a standard insole is not necessarily suitable for all feet.

How does one know if one needs insoles in one’s shoes?

If the foot is not well bedded in the shoe, it will not roll off optimally when walking or running. An adapted insole helps to transfer the support of the foot better into the shoe.

The insoles meet two basic needs:

  • Improvement of the comfort in the shoe.
  • Targeted elimination of complaints at a specific point. (If you are in pain, we advise you to consult a specialist: a podiatrist or another specialist with medical advice) Whether in everyday life, in leisure time or during sports, make sure that the padding and reinforcement of your shoes are sufficient and adapted to your foot type.

What are the main advantages?

Wearing insoles that are tailored to your foot and activity have both short-term and long-term benefits.

The 3D or shaped insoles on the foot increase the support function of the arch of the foot and offer a high level of comfort. During physical activity, the padding helps relieve and prevent joint or muscle pain in the feet. In fact, all joints can be affected if the foot is misaligned.

In the short term: You will feel more comfort, better grip, more protection, a better feeling and less fatigue.

Do we need different insoles for sporting activities and for the city?

 Insufficient cushioning and support can be responsible for feeling tired feet. Improved comfort can significantly promote their health.

Whether for everyday use or sports – every model has its own special properties, as the requirements are different:

For the city: upholstery gel, thin insert, care and hygiene

For running: cushioning, flexibility, lightness and dynamism

For hiking: support and protection, with padding

For winter sports: heat and cold insulation, care, stability and protection

What type of insoles should I choose based on my foot and activity?

For each activity, the expectations and demands of the users are different. SIDAS insoles meet the needs of each individual and help you to choose the ideal model for your arch of the foot.

You will find the right insole depending on the desired technology (flat soles, 3D soles, 3Feet semi-custom soles and 100% tailor-made CUSTOM insoles) and depending on the activity (running, outdoor activities, skiing, daily use).

If you want to orientate yourself exactly on the type of product that suits your practice, turn to the specialists in the sports shops. They analyze your feet and recommend the best model of insoles for you.

You have been trained and certified in our premises and are proficient in these techniques in order to be able to advise you according to your needs.

How long do I have to wear them?

It is difficult to give the lifespan of the deposits in kilometers or days. It depends on the person and the frequency of use: are you a stroller or an ultra-trailer?

On average, their lifespan is roughly the same as that of two pairs of your shoes. The coating under the metatarsal bones is where wear and tear occurs first. But be careful, a new insole does not give a broken shoe a second life!

In order to extend the life of your insole, we recommend that you take it out of the shoe after each use and dry it in the fresh air, i.e. not in a closed environment.

Should they be worn all the time?

Regarding the comfort insoles, which are intended for everyday use and sport, we tell you that after wearing them you can no longer go on without them! “

Here are 5 reasons why you should wear insoles in your shoes:

  •  they optimize the shoe properties
  •  they stabilize the foot
  •  they improve posture
  •  they promote natural cushioning
  •  they reduce the stretching of the foot and thus its fatigue

 Important NOTE

If you have pain or a history of injury, we recommend that you contact a foot specialist (podiatrist or other expert) first so they can discuss the pain with you and do a full clinical examination. He will determine whether you need individual insoles with or without corrections.

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 As part of a paramedical consultation, the specialist adapts the materials and the volume of the insoles to the activity and any complaints.

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