Why Should I Use a DVC Shop To Buy My DVC Resale?

Buy My DVC Resale

Disney is ramping up its direct buyback program, outpacing private sales of DVC memberships. As a result, prices of DVC resales are increasing, as well.

Still, the DVC resale market is thriving in all resorts. Some experience fluctuating prices, but many are still pining to buy used contracts rather than get one directly from Disney.

The main reason is the savings from buying DVC resale are higher than the benefits lost.

Do you want to know more about purchasing contracts from shops? Keep on reading to determine whether its perks are worth your time.

Why Use a DVC Shop for DVC Resale

When you use a DVC shop, you get to browse several DVC resale listings. You might even be able to score points from a popular resort.

Do you want to buy points in a sold-out DVC resort? Buy DVC resale instead. You can browse resale shops for the available contracts to find your desired place.

Why would you want to buy a Disney DVC resale contract? Here are some benefits you would enjoy.


The primary benefit of buying Disney Vacation Club resales is the savings. Some contracts sell for around 50% of the original cost per point. You may even score points that are 70% cheaper.


When buying resale contracts, Disney considers you a member. It applies despite the distinction between you and direct buyers. Some of the membership perks might not apply to you.

Resale vs. Direct

Are you still not convinced whether to buy a resale contract? Learn more about what makes it different from buying from Disney.

Length of Contract

A resale contract is already active, meaning it’s already running out of time. For example, contracts for Beach Club Villas expire by 2042, whether they’re direct or resale. As such, you have fewer years to use your membership.


If you buy directly from Disney, you’re a full member with exclusive benefits. You can use the points at any DVC resort, RCI exchange, and such. Some of these perks don’t transfer if you buy a resale contract.

When you buy DVC from Disney, here are some perks you can enjoy:

  • Annual Pass discounts
  • Merchandise discounts
  • Dining discounts
  • Private parties

If the resale contract is after April 4, 2016, you won’t receive these membership benefits. However, the membership benefits can change at a moment’s notice. Whether you bought direct or resale, Disney can cancel some perks on a whim.

An example is the Moonlight Magic events. Disney is bringing it back in 2022, though.

Look for the Best DVC Resale for You

Buying DVC resale can net you and your family huge savings when you use it correctly. It also allows you to get points from highly demanded resorts.

However, make sure you know everything DVC resale entails and its limitations. Also, consider where you buy them since it could impact your experience.

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