Why liquorice all sorts are famous among other candies?


Liquorice: Australia is world famous for its sweet and confectionary products. Some of its products like Lollies, Chocolates and Liquorice are found exclusively in Australia. A renowned company famous for the production and selling of such products is Darrell Lea. Darrell Lea is a Australia based firm famous for the production and distribution of Chocolates and Liquorice since 1927. Henry Lea the founder of Darrell Lea used to live in Perth, where he started this company on the name of his youngest son Darrell.

Liquorice also spelled as Licorice is a sweet flavor product usually black in color. It is called Liquorice because it is made up of a plant extract and the common name for that plant is Liquorice. This plant is technically known as Glycyrrhiza Glabra.

Features of Liquorice

  • Black Colored (mostly)
  • Chewy
  • Rope or tube shaped
  • Sweet in taste

Liquorice: All sorts: It is a special type of Liqourice developed by the company Darrell Lea. Usually liquorice are made up of Liquorice Plant roots, sugar starch, flour, gum or gelatin and other binding agents. Allsorts are produced in many countries around the world, mostly sold in Europe, especially Netherlands and Britain. In Britain they are called as ‘Engelse drop’, which is the Britain version of English liquorice. As the product description says, the jelly babies are not much suitable for vegetarians because they contain the gelatin which is a most necessary ingredient of jellies and is derived from the hides and bones of pigs, cows and other animals.

Jelly Spog: The pink and blue liquorice allsorts have a great bursting liquorice taste. These are often known as Jelly Spogs. These are the soft liquorice coating jelly spog, covered in pink and blue small round beads. These are the delicious liquorice treats which are commonly known to bring out the kid in you.

Liquorice with Aniseed: An interesting fact about liquorice allsorts is that most of these have black sections but a few of the brands of the allsorts do not contain the liquorice. They contain the anise or aniseed which is a natural substance resembling the original flavor of liquorice. While the liquorice allsorts are assorted liquorice and usually sold as the mixture made up of liquorice, sugar, coconut, fruit flavourings, aniseed jelly, and gelatin.

Liquorice: A healthy snack: Several researches have been shown that eating licorice may reduce the body fat that too without causing any side effects on the body of consumer. There are two proposed theories which conclude that the strong taste of licorice suppresses the appetite in the body , and also that eating licorice makes people feel full. Resultantly people who consume licorice, they eat fewer calories.

Benefits of black liquorice: There are so many benefits of eating black liquorice. The roots of liquorice contain potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects. It helps in curing upper respiratory infections, treat ulcers, aids digestion and there are several other benefits also. It helps in boosting weight loss and helps in the treatment of hepatitis C. It has been also added that too much consumption of this particular chemical can increase the blood pressure and may reduce the potassium levels in the body which can further cause the heart arrhythmias that in turn may lead to heart attacks. There may be aftereffects on kidney also due to the high consumption of licorice.

This is known as all sorts because it is somewhat different from the traditional black liquorice as they are of different colors. All sorts is actually made up of Australian Molasses and root extract of Liquorice. The best part about this type of Licorice allsorts is that they have different colors and flavor all contained in a same bag of 210 gm which costs around A$ 4.50- 5. Per bag.

All sorts are not only developed and sold in Australia but UK is also a developer and exporter of All sorts. This kind of Licorice is made up of coconut, sugar, aniseed jelly, gelatin and other fruit flavoring substances. One can enjoy this Licorice from any store or confectionary around the world. All sorts lovers can eaily buy their favourite candies while being at any place in the world you can try amazon.in, nuts.com, delishably.com and several other sites for the same.

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