Why Are Leased Lines Used in Business?

Leased Lines Used in Business

A leased line is a dedicated internet connection. This means that it is not shared with other companies or private households, so unlike broadband connections its bandwidth will not fluctuate during peak times.

Businesses that require a high-speed connection and reliable data transfer are prime candidates for a leased line. They include fintech firms offering real-time business intelligence and trading capability or e-commerce sites that depend on a smooth online shopping experience for their customers.

Reliable Connections

Whether you’re an e-commerce operator facilitating online transactions, a FinTech offering credit-based products and services or a design agency regularly transferring high resolution multi-layered images and video files, your business needs access to fast and reliable data transfer. That’s where leased lines come in. A leased line connects two locations for private voice and/or data telecommunications services over an uncontended circuit for a fixed monthly fee.

It’s the logical choice for businesses that require the flexibility to scale bandwidth and speed up or down in accordance with data usage. With symmetrical downloading and uploading speeds, you can rest assured your internet connection won’t slow down during busy periods like backups or conference calls. The result is improved team productivity and fewer disruptions to business operations. This is especially important if your business depends on the internet for email, cloud storage and collaboration platforms. It also sidesteps the contention issues that can arise with broadband connections where multiple users share bandwidth.

Fast Internet Access

A leased line is dedicated to you, and as such doesn’t experience the congestion that can happen on shared connections. This provides consistent, reliable speeds that are ideal for businesses that need to be able to transfer large amounts of data and run multiple web servers at the same time.

The leased line also offers symmetrical upload and download speeds meaning it’s a great option for organisations looking to introduce bandwidth-hungry digital services such as VoIP telephony to their business. The faster upload capacity can help to reduce waiting times and provide users with a higher-quality streaming experience.

The reliability of a leased line can also help to alleviate the worries that come with overusing your internet data allowance. With the peace of mind that comes with knowing your leased line is uncongested and able to support your connectivity needs, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business. This can be particularly important for larger organisations with a number of sites or those who rely on remote workers.

Increased Customer Service

In a time when customer service has been paramount for business success, leased lines deliver. With a guaranteed SLA that includes rapid fix times, you’ll never have to worry about your internet access going down – providing you with the opportunity to continue business as usual during a crisis.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds allow you to transfer large files, use Cloud services, access virtual private networks (VPNs) and manage online sales without interruption. In comparison, domestic internet services tend to offer much higher download speeds than upload, resulting in a slower overall connection.

Leased lines also boast ultra-low latency, which is crucial for bandwidth-hungry digital services like VoIP telephony and offsite data backups. These are the types of solutions that can make a real difference to your business’ operations, so having an internet connection that delivers fast download and upload speeds is essential.

Disaster Recovery

With leased lines, you know that your business’s connectivity will never suffer because of other people using the same network. This eliminates slow connections that can occur at peak times as well as ensures a higher speed for data uploads and downloads.

Unlike broadband connections that use the same road network as everyone else, a leased line gives you your own private ‘lane’ that no one can use. The technology is often more reliable than standard broadband and is a key consideration for businesses that deal with client confidentiality or operate from home offices.

As an added bonus, leased lines also tend to come with better customer service than standard broadband. This means that if you experience issues, your business can be sure to receive swift support and compensation if required. This is particularly important for businesses that require the internet to run their telephony systems. This means you can still communicate with clients, colleagues and customers.

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