What To Know as a Data Center Technician

What To Know as a Data Center Technician

Data center technicians are skilled, hands-on professionals who provide various services to keep computer data servers and hardware networks operating smoothly. They are the first line of defense when safeguarding a company’s valuable data systems. Find out what to know as a data center technician in this brief guide.

Job Description

Most data center technicians have full-time schedules, though they do not work a typical nine to five shift, but, rather, eight to twelve-hour shifts on nights, weekends, and holidays. They usually work in server rooms with typical office noise, machine noise, or construction noise. Data technicians must be willing to respond to emergencies around the clock because data support is vital to the core of any business’s operation.

Responsibilities of a Data Center Technician

Specific job responsibilities of a data center technician differ according to where they work. However, there are several core tasks associated with the role. These include:

  • Perform preventative maintenance: On a daily basis, data center technicians complete preventive maintenance of equipment and data network devices. Data center technicians engage in building projects and check utilities. To make sure the center does not overheat, they check the heating and cooling systems.
  • Threat prevention: A data center technician knows the biggest threats to data center security and prevents all occurrences of equipment failure, hacking, and Mother Nature. The latter involves a disaster preparedness plan.
  • Server management and repair: Data center technicians troubleshoot and repair servers that have hardware and network issues. They run hardware diagnostics and replace failing parts. They are responsible for the day-to-day performance and capacity management of servers.
  • Technical support and education: Data center employees provide live support to clients and coworkers and are expected to troubleshoot problems as they happen. They act as a primary point person in the field, working on projects and “putting out fires” simultaneously. Educating other data center staff on new hardware and software is a vital part of their role.

If you are thinking of becoming a data center technician, we hope this brief guide on what to know as a data center technician has moved you forward to your career decision.

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