Common Materials Used When Building Skyscrapers

Common Materials Used When Building Skyscrapers

There are only a few common materials used when building skyscrapers. With buildings of such great heights, it takes the strongest possible materials to support such a structure.


A lot of steel goes into building a skyscraper. It has been used since the late 1800s and still nothing tops it. Steel’s weight and durability make it the material of choice for building skyscrapers.

Because a skyscraper can’t support load-bearing walls, the beams are used to create the skeleton of the building such as its support beams and entire framework.

Proper transportation of the steel beams throughout the construction job site is a must for efficiency and safety of personnel.


As with many other construction projects, concrete is used as a foundation when building a skyscraper— but it doesn’t stop there.

The steel frame of the building is often encased using concrete. This adds extra strength to the frame and protects it from heat damage since steel can soften at high temperatures.

Transporting concrete thousands of feet vertically is done by pumping it through pipes to the area where it needs to go, and then personnel quickly work with it.

Reinforced Concrete

For areas such as floors during construction of a skyscraper, concrete is reinforced with steel bars known as rebar. Rebar makes the floor—or any part of the structure where it is used—even stronger against anything that may strike it.


Sometimes a mixed-structure building system is used when building a skyscraper, creating incredible strength and durability. This is done using three building materials: steel, concrete, and timber.

The materials are used in an alternating method of steel, timber, then concrete. The pattern is repeated as necessary.

You don’t have to be in the construction business to appreciate all of the common materials used when building skyscrapers, and the incredible work that goes into erecting these fascinating, tall buildings. The next time you stand in a skyscraper, you’ll have a greater appreciation for how it was made.

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