What Is the Jeep Wave? Rules To Follow When You Own a Jeep

What Is the Jeep Wave? Rules To Follow When You Own a Jeep

You just left the lot with a new-to-you Jeep, and you’re looking at ways to follow Jeep etiquette. Being a member of the ever-growing Jeep family is exciting because there are many things to do and unwritten but well-known rules to learn. Have you ever heard of the Jeep wave? Well, that and a few other things are worth knowing.

Here are a few rules to follow when you own a Jeep, including details about the infamous Jeep wave.

Wave At Other Jeepers

The second you leave the lot with your Jeep, the wave begins. It signals unity in the Jeep community and lets other Jeep drivers know you are aware of their presence. A simple gesture like a wave carries a lot of meaning. It is often reciprocated as long as you make your gesture visible.

Attend Events With Your Jeep

There are clubs, jamborees, and experience events specifically for Jeep owners, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Whether your Jeep is the latest model or a military restoration project, getting involved in these social events and happenings is an excellent way to enjoy your Jeep. Jeeps are more than a vehicle to get you from point A to point B; they’re an adventure.

Be Aware of the Death Wobble

You should know that the death wobble is not a guarantee in every Jeep model. But it is a common fixable issue. If a Jeep undergoes a lot of modifications, the death wobble can occur. The front-end suspension system is complex in 4×4 vehicles, and something as simple as a pothole can trigger a noticeable imbalance at higher speeds.

Understand The Mileage

Hopefully, you didn’t invest in a Jeep for great gas mileage. You will experience more frequent trips to the pump when driving a Jeep. The payoff is the vehicle’s ability to conquer whatever terrain it encounters. If experiencing things like mountains, trails, and wildlife interests you, you will have an easier time ignoring the dollars spent filling up.

There are a few rules to follow when you own a Jeep, but you’ll also have the ability to customize your experience. Owning a Jeep comes with a lot of fun and adventure, so keep that in mind when you take yours home!

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