Different Ways To Protect Your Jeep From Damage

how to protect jeep from damage

Jeep owners are protective of their vehicles, and they have valid reasons for this. Guarding your vehicle against superficial and mechanical damage can enhance your vehicle’s resale value. Plus, Jeep drivers are usually into off-roading, and some modifications help you enjoy your Jeep while protecting your beloved vehicle. Learn the different ways to protect your Jeep from damage!


There are tons of accessories and modifications you can add to your Jeep. These can help you enjoy it more while driving it on and off the road. Although simply increasing the enjoyment of your vehicle is a priority for some drivers, there are multiple Jeep mods designed for protection as well. Here are some you should consider.


Upgrading both the front and rear bumpers can improve the look of your Jeep. It can also provide more protection.

Body Armor

Body armor adds an extra layer of protection to your Jeep thanks to an abrasion-resistant material that can guard corners and taillights. It also keeps your Jeep clean when tackling brutal off-roading trails.

Skid Plates

Skid plates are metal plates installed on the undercarriage of your vehicle. They protect it from rugged terrain debris and obstacles on roadways.

Safe Storage

Storing your Jeep somewhere safe during inclement weather is also helpful for maintaining your Jeep’s paint job. Factors like hail and strong winds can cover your vehicle with dents and scrapes. Fallen tree branches can also hit it. Keeping your Jeep in a garage or carport is ideal. But if you only have street parking available, consider investing in a car cover, especially for the winter months.

Don’t Scrape

After a hard day on the trail, you might feel tempted to pick or scrape dried mud off the body of your Jeep. Don’t do this! You can easily scratch the paint, and you won’t effectively remove the caked-on dirt anyway. Wash your Jeep as soon as you finish a trail. This is the safest way to avoid taking off or chipping paint. Also, keep in mind that you should also refrain from scraping ice roughly in the winter. You can wait for the ice to melt in the sun or turn on your car’s heater to speed up the process.

Understanding the different ways to protect your Jeep from damage can help give your vehicle a better resale value when it comes time to trade it in. It will also allow you to enjoy your Jeep to its fullest potential.

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