What Is A Galactic Merger?

what is a galactic merger

The University of Wisconsin runs simulations of when galaxies merge. There is so much out in space that we do not yet know. Case in point – NASA just verified a planet orbiting the binary star system. A galactic merger can occur when two or more galaxies collide. Friction between gas and dust and the gravitational interactions between galaxies are the driving factors.

Over the last few years, it has been observed that there are three different kinds of galaxies in the Galaxy: galaxies made up of gas and dust, the second type, containing mostly gas, and the third, consisting of galaxies, clusters, and other sources of gas and dust. These galaxies are labeled as D, L, and M galaxies. There are three main processes that cause these galaxies to be in their different states. The first process is that the process of black hole formation take place in the middle of galaxies, in the process of the new stars. This is because the black hole energy attracts the matter, which acts as a big object. The other process is that the material comes from the outflow of stars and in that process, they will create a hole in the center of the galaxy. The third process is that matter is drawn to this hole and forms stars in this way.

The first kind of galaxies is made up of gas and dust. The two processes are linked to each other. Because of this, the galaxies are being very close together in comparison to gas and dust galaxies. But, with the big galaxies in between, such as the M and D galaxies, the galaxies will form so that they are closer to each other and will fuse into one.

The research group of astronomers that used the telescopes that were attached to the Hubble telescope for many years, were able to observe the beginning of the process of the Galactic merger. The process is named a Galaxy merger. They say that the merger will take place at two points; it is very close to the centers of the galaxies that are at the process. And, it is also known that the point in between the merging is called a black hole. The common belief is that the black hole in between will form a wormhole between the galaxies and through this wormhole will be travel the mass of the galaxies, so that the galaxies will be far from each other. And, the researchers are saying that as the galaxies merge, this wormhole will continue to expand. When this happens, the galaxies will merge together with one another, and when this happens, they will become one single galaxy.

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