What is a CATIA course?

CATIA course

CATIA stands for Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. It is a software suite that consists of CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering), CAM (Computer-Aided manufacturing), and CAD (Computer-aided Design). It is one of the trending 3D software organisations used in everything from aerospace to automobiles and then to consumer goods.

Dassault Systèmes developed CATIA. CATIA includes CAD, CAM, and CAE. CATIA is a solid modelling software that integrates 3D parametric features with 2D tools and converts them to manufacturing processes. 

What does CATIA do?

CATIA is software that has made it possible to visualise 2D into 3D. Dassault Systemes tied up with IBM to introduce their product to the market, and both companies had revised results. Many companies accepted CATIA, used in different design states, such as drawing and testing. This software has various modules, and many companies have adopted it. It includes part and surface design and assembly to sheet metal design.

Some modules are:

  • Part design- It is one of the essential modules for solid modelling. This CATIA module helps you to design 3-dimensional mechanical parts using a easy and adaptable user interface.
  • Shape Design: IT has the feature of modelling easy and complex shapes. Also, provide the solution for editing designs.
  • Assembly: Its part is easy to learn and includes product structure, constraints, and moving bodies. 

What is a CATIA course?

You will learn sketching, part modelling, assembly, sheet metal, surfacing, and drafting workbenches of CATIA. Also, you will learn the basic as well as advanced concepts of design using CATIA software.

CATIA course in Bangalore will teach primary and advanced design concepts through CATIA software. It will include the following workbenches of CATIA:

  • Sketching                    
  • part modeling
  • assembly
  • sheet metal
  • surfacing and drafting

You will learn every tool from essential use.

CATIA is a powerful tool and is popular in the market because of the services it provides. It is helping many industries to meet the CAD / CAM / CAE requirements. Due to its features, it is in high demand. Dassault keeps launching new versions with new features. Many Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai companies are looking for CATIA certification. Many books are available to learn CATIA, but practical knowledge is different from theoretical; therefore, hands-on is a must, making you a valuable asset. Do it from institutes that are certified and accredited by Dassault.


CATIA is a powerful tool and popular because of its functionalities. CATIA is a software suite that includes CAD, CAE, and CAM. The course will consist of the following workbenches of CATIA: Sketching, part modeling, assembly, sheet metal, surfacing and drafting.

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