What Equipment Is Found in a Welding Workshop?

What Equipment Is Found in a Welding Workshop?

If you’re looking for a career in welding, hoping to open a shop of your own, or are just interested in the industry itself, you’ve probably wondered what tools welders use. There are many different kinds of gear within a shop that make workers’ lives easier and healthier. Check out this list of what equipment is found in a welding workshop.

Measurement Aids

The first classification of welding-specific tools is measurement aids, which help welders accurately cut and shape materials. Proper measurements are vital for providing excellent service and quality metal products.

A sheet metal gauge measures the thickness of materials using labeled teeth. This tool is used for nearly every project. Soapstone is a handy marking tool that’s highly visible when drawn on metal and heat resistant. Speed squares measure cut lines and are imperative for any accurate job.

Weld Guns

Welding guns make metal fabrication easier for workers. They’re highly portable, meaning you can use them on outdoor projects such as railroad construction. Weld guns don’t just shoot flames but use a supply of electrodes that produce an electric arc.

Pliers, Clamps, and Hammers

Various pliers and clamps allow welders to have stability when they’re cutting objects. In short, they help cut down on human error; precision protects products, metals, and workers.

Non-sparking pliers are used for weld gun assistance, such as tightening and loosening the nozzle. C-clamps are primarily used for holding and supporting metal items with the use of pressure. Welders use a particular type of hammer called a chipping hammer that helps knock off slag. They feature a flat side and a pointed side for better flexibility.

Fume Extractors

While these devices aren’t tools, they play a massive role in the daily operations of a workshop. Welding produces toxic fumes that, while dangerous, are easily removed with the help of extractor machines. Fume extractors suck up contaminated air and pump out a clean supply for employees. Portable extractors, wall-mounted extractors, water and downdraft tables are some of the different types.

When you consult this list, you won’t have to wonder what equipment is found in a welding workshop ever again! Now that you know, you can take this knowledge with you into your future welding endeavors. Also know more about oxygen welding tank here.

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