4 Ways 5G Will Transform the Retail Industry

4 Ways 5G Will Transform the Retail Industry

Technology is ever changing, and with these changes, the world around us also transforms. Many people have begun talking about 5G and how it will change our world—consumers and various industries will see the effects. For example, the retail industry will see shifts both in online shopping and within stores. As you investigate everything to know about 5G,check out how it will transform retail for everyone!

Dressing Room Changes

One challenge of buying clothing online is that you have no idea what it’ll look like once you put it on. Plenty of shoppers have experienced finding an outfit that’s cute on the rack but not the most comfortable once they try it on. With 5G, the hope is that customers will be able to virtually try on clothes.

Better Inventory Tracking

Another way 5G will transform the retail industry is that employees will be able to better track the store’s inventory. With 5G, retailers will have access to smart shelves—which will keep inventory levels up to date—rather than have to rely on employees walking the floor to track inventory

Additionally, when specific garments aren’t on the rack, workers will be able to scan the tags to see if items are somewhere else in the store. This becomes all the more helpful at busy times of year, as this system will alert managers when inventory gets low.

New Payment Methods

Right now, many shoppers have the frustrating experience of waiting in long lines at the store. Luckily, 5G will eventually allow customers to scan clothing labels with their phones to pay virtually.

More Personalized Engagement

Another way 5G will transform the retail industry is by improving customer engagement. Even when customers aren’t in the store, retailers are able to continue customer interaction by sending out emails and targeted ads. As you scan items to purchase them or try on clothes in virtual dressing rooms, store-owners will get a better idea of what you like to buy so that they can send you the appropriate ads. With 5G, customers will have an easier time adding to their wardrobes thanks to the improved experience.

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