What Are the Differences Between Shovel and Dragline?

What Are the Differences Between Shovel and Dragline?

To achieve good development and deal with heavy-duty materials on construction sites, you’ll need special machinery to manage these materials. Technology moves quickly, providing new solutions and creating bigger and better machines that simplify labor.

To better understand the different processes required to obtain natural resources for different projects, it’s essential to know the differences between shovel and dragline. Both machines have features and characteristics that uniquely benefit your mining business.

Shovel Characteristics

Industrial shovels have unique characteristics for the mining industry, where they work at the same ground level as the shoveled material to load onto a truck. This process consists of pushing the material together to make a pile, called crowding, where the shovel will use a mechanic dipper to remove all of it.

You’ll have to mount the shovel to a large crawler that helps achieve movement and gives the shovel the power it needs. This machine can carry up to 10,000 tons with a simple movement to transport the materials to a transportation truck. The crawler has a similar shape to a dragline but is smaller and carries less weight.

Dragline Characteristics

This mechanical device must be above the area where the materials are because it works by dragging a bucket toward the dragline. This process requires a greater height and can lift heavier weights by dragging more material in one procedure.

This machine can stand up to 22 stories tall and move nearly 23,000 tons, giving it double the weight capacity of shovels. You can extend your dragline’s life with simple maintenance, which will prevent damage when you’re working with heavy weights and different materials.

Choosing Between the Two

Ideally, you’d have both machines to deliver better results, depending on the situation and the materials you are working with. Shovels work effectively on a smaller scale, removing waste from construction sites and gathering softer materials to safely and efficiently place them for transportation.

Draglines have bigger duties; the main difference between shovels and draglines is the materials and the size of the work site you would use them on. When choosing between the two machines, consider the main duties at the site before deciding which one is best for you.

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