4 Safety Tools Every Metal Fabricator Should Have

4 Safety Tools Every Metal Fabricator Should Have

Most people know that workshops and fabrication plants are dangerous places. However, it’s easy for people to get used to the risks the longer they work there, which can lead to taking safety shortcuts. Here are four safety tools every metal fabricator should have, no matter what.

Fire Blanket

Even if your workshop has a fire extinguisher, it’s a good idea to have a fire blanket on hand, too. For one thing, you can use a fire blanket while you’re welding to contain sparks and protect nearby surfaces. It’s also much easier to throw a fire blanket onto a small fire than it is to clean up the mess from a fire extinguisher.

Welding Hood

Welding is a crucial part of most metal fabrication projects, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. First, there’s the risk of burning yourself from sparks flying off the weld site—you definitely don’t want any of those hitting your eyes, let alone your face. Welding also emits UV and infrared light that can damage your eyes.

A welding hood is a safety tool you must use anytime you’re welding. It can protect your eyes from damaging rays and keep your body’s most vital sensory organs safe.

Protective Eyewear

Even if you’re not welding, it’s important to protect your eyes from metal shavings and dust that other fabrication tools produce. Not only does getting something in your eye hurt, but it can cause micro scratches on your eyeball. With enough damage, you could end up with permanently impaired vision.

Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are essential to have in any workplace, not just industrial settings. However, they’re especially important in an industrial workshop because of the risk of chemicals and gases mixing. You also wouldn’t want to use a tool with an open flame in a room full of combustible gases. A gas detector can alert workers to nearby hazards.

These four safety tools every metal fabricator should have are just the first step in keeping your workplace safe. Make sure you also carry out annual safety training and keep up with equipment maintenance.

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