What Are Sensory Gyms and What Do They Do

What Are Sensory Gyms and What Do They Do

If you’ve ever wished that your community park or playground were a bit more accessible for all types of kids, you need to learn about sensory gyms. Sensory gyms combine playgrounds and sensory activities to support play styles for all children. Keep reading to learn more about sensory gyms and what they offer for children of all ability levels.

What Are Sensory Gyms?

Sensory gyms are spaces that encourage sensory play with diverse types of sensory activities. While all people can participate in sensory gyms and activities, this environment is most beneficial to children and adults with sensory disorders. Sensory gyms accommodate all ability levels and children who fall into any point of the sensory spectrum. These spaces offer children a fun and safe place to play and have fun while boosting their skills and sensory development.

Different Types of Gym Equipment

Sensory gyms are full of entertaining equipment and activities for children of all ability levels. You’ll find many elements of outdoor playgrounds in sensory gyms, though they are now contained in a safe, monitored environment. Swings, slides, monkey bars, and rock walls are all common installations that you’ll find on playgrounds and sensory gyms alike. Additionally, you can also find ball pits, ramps, trampolines, ziplines, jump decks, and more in sensory gyms. The goal of these spaces is to provide a variety of options so that any child can find an activity they enjoy.

Benefits of Sensory Gyms for Kids

Sensory gyms are a great tool for parents of children with sensory disorders. It can be difficult for some children to play and feel comfortable on a traditional playground. This is where sensory gyms come in. On top of feeling comfortable and active, children can also build important skills in this environment. Activities like slides and ball pits help children develop important motor skills at their own pace. Playing, climbing, and any amount of physical activity are fantastic ways for kids to stay active and build confidence. Overall, sensory gyms can help children form all kinds of foundational skills.

Hopefully, this brief look into these play spaces helps answer what sensory gyms are and what they do. If your child needs a safe and comfortable place to stay active, consider researching a sensory gym or play space in your area.

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