Ways To Limit Structural Corrosion Effectively

Ways To Limit Structural Corrosion Effectively

Metal oxidation is very hazardous, especially when it happens in large-scale residential or commercial buildings. Over time, this degradation can lead to structural failures, severe damage, and even the loss of life. This threat is so serious that many businesses hire cathodic protection inspection services to ensure the safety of their properties. If you’re currently working on a new construction project, review these three simple ways to limit structural corrosion effectively.

Create Corrosion-Resistant Designs

Did you know that the design of a building plays a massive role in how quickly it corrodes? Certain designs, specifically ones that trap water and metal together, expedite metal oxidation. For example, buildings with various pits or cracks are more likely to hold moisture and promote rust. Instead, create construction plans with metal surfaces that allow free air movement and eliminate sitting water. Consult with a professional architectural firm when determining the best design options for your specific project.

Consider Corrosion-Resistant Materials

Once you’ve determined a suitable design for your building that deters oxidation, it’s worth considering your construction materials. Mainly, it’s recommended that you invest in naturally corrosion-resistant metals such as stainless or galvanized steel, red metal, or aluminum. These specific materials are naturally more resistant to moisture and rust, making them widely popular options for most construction projects. Stainless steel frameworks are so dependable and long-lasting that most of the world’s tallest buildings feature them as support infrastructure!

Reinforce Construction Materials With Coating

Even with corrosion-resistant construction materials, your building requires additional protection. Luckily, industrial liquid and powder coatings are excellent products that provide superior oxidation security over the years. Plus, these coatings help boost the lifespan and vibrance of paint! Polyester-based coatings are most suitable for outdoor applications, while epoxy coatings are better served for interior uses. Regardless of use, investing in coating services is essential for any construction project.

Follow these three ways to limit structural corrosion effectively and protect your surrounding community. When in doubt, consult with experts and professionals for additional guidance on proper construction practices and local building guidelines.

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