Understanding the Basics of Negligent Security Claims

Negligent Security Claims

Need to learn about negligent security claims quickly? You have come to the right place.

If you have been staying somewhere only for criminals to harm you, you still have rights. Protecting yourself is one thing but protecting others who are guests in your property is quite another. If you fail to provide guests with adequate security arrangements, then you open yourself up to the possibility of those guests receiving harm while they stay with you. This area of the law is known as Negligent Security, and it is a type of property law.

Understanding Negligent Security

Negligent security issues occur when a property owner fails to provide safe security measures for guests in their home. If burglars then break into your home and the guests suffer damage to their own property, or have items stolen, then you are liable for the costs. This area of the law ensures that your possessions are safe, even when you are staying away from home. Negligent security claims also cover you from things like home invasions, rapes, or serious assaults while you are not at home. 

If you receive an injury by a burglar while staying at a friend’s home, you may not think about suing the friend themselves. Any sane person thinks first of suing the culprit. Often, however, the culprit goes uncaught, and you go without compensation. If you have hefty medical bills to pay or if you have suffered great expense because of damage done, it can be quicker to sue the property owner for negligent security so that you get back some money

The Idea Behind Negligent Security

The idea behind negligent security is sound, even if it seems a little unfair at first. If you receive an injury at a friend’s home because they failed to protect you, they should stand liable at least in a small way. They know the area and they know the dangers of their neighborhood. Not taking adequate steps to protect you against that is negligence. While you stay with someone, they have a duty of care to protect you from those outside forces to the best of their ability. If they fail to do so, reparations are in order.

How to File a Claim for Negligent Security

Filing through the negligent security claim process is like other claims. First, you need to find a lawyer willing to take on your case. Remember that a lawyer offering no win, no fee, will only take on your case if they are sure they can win and cover expenses on the other side. 

Once you have your lawyer in place, you should start gathering the evidence you need to prove your claim. They will ask you for witness details, clarification on what happened, and any information the police have. They will talk you through the claims process, and then they will amalgamate your information into one document which they present to the judge. The judge looks at both parties’ cases and decide who is at fault. They may advise you to settle out of court. 

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