Understand the Importance of PoE Unique Gloves.

Unique Gloves

Unique items are plentiful in Path of Exile, both for you character’s skill tree and all the slots you have. You can even get unique maps and flasks! Finding items that are worth Chaos Orbs can be difficult, as can knowing if you’re better off vendoring them for chunks of Alchemy. This is what we’re going to talk about today: Poe leveling gloves that are totally unique. Make sure you know what gloves to have handy – no pun intended!

How Much do Unique Gloves Cost? 

If you find an item on an official trade site, make sure to double-check its price. The answers provided above are specific to the Blight League.

There is a high demand for gloves that relate to minion skills due to current minion builds’ popularity. In addition to enabling several builds, Aukunah’s Will makes your minions act as corpses. This allows you to use abilities such as Detonate Dead, Body Swap, Volatile Dead, and others. Also, it perfectly complements Necromancer’s ascendancy.

Additionally, Grip of the Council is extremely powerful against Zombie builds, which makes it near as costly. With the gloves on, you are able to increase your zombie damage by 20%, a huge bonus. The Zombie Baron benefits from their resistance, life, and some strength too – all in one!

Which Boss Drops Expensive Gloves?

Wraeclast isn’t a typical place to find gloves; these are only possible through battling specific bosses and being dropped as rewards from those fights.

Two-socket tombfist – These are dropped by Abyssal Lichs in certain Abyssal Depths. The likelihood of finding Tombfists is decent if you find a depth that contains a Lich. Only those that drop with the Abyssal Socket are worth cash. If it only has one socket, though, it’s worthless.

One of the three bosses in the Delve, Kurgal (the green one) is the only one who can give you Command of the Pit. You can make a decent chunk of money in nearly any league if you find him and find a pair of these. The more you make if you find a pair that has two Abyssal Sockets, the better. There is a decent market for these gloves even in leagues where spellcasters are not popular.

You can only unlock Fenumus’ Weave by defeating the boss of the Bestiary. It is possible to defeat Fenumus if you find or purchase the beast that opens the portal to his realm, enter, and beat him. By doing this, there is a possibility that these gloves may drop. Despite their cost, these are always valuable, since they work so well with minions in this league.

It is well known that Atziri’s Acuity gloves are quite valuable with POE unique sheilds. Path of Exile’s Uber Atziri is the only boss that can be defeated to obtain these gloves. Due to their rarity and price, they are extremely expensive. Unlike before the nerf, they are rarely worth less than 4 or 5 exalts afterward.  

What to Look Out for when Choosing Gloves

However, there are also a few gloves you should at least be aware of, even if they are useless.

Scottonian Caress – These gloves are completely worthless at nearly all points in the league. Despite their high leveling strength, however, these gloves are still excellent for fighting. You can pick up a pair on the market at any time for a Chaos Orb, but finding your own just cuts costs and time, and makes leveling a new character much easier! If you need a different option, consider Ondar’s Clasp.

Facebreakers – Facebreakers can be added to builds, but this is a very nice feature. Yet there’s one thing you should know about Facebreakers: They can roll a massive range. Facebreaker only changes one stat: your unarmed damage. As the build’s core, it is of utmost importance that it is properly rolled. There are 200 points in total! There will be no shortage of buyers if you are able to find one that is very close to the perfect 800%. Whenever you find a pair, you can play the guessing game with your friends!

Similarly to Facebreakers, Sadima’s Touch is one where perfect rolls are always a good investment. In any case, this time the roll will be smaller, so you will find perfect ones for a much better price. The pair you find that has a perfect 10% Quantity roll should be sold. If you earn a few dozen Chaos Orbs for it, it can fetch you a few points in the league.

Your Own Value Creation

Buying unique gloves can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know the rules. There are certain gloves that will cater to the needs of a niche group of people, and if you combine the Vaal Orb with them and achieve the desired result, you can make quite a bit of money. The last league I played, I was on the lookout for Facebreakers with the “Enemies you hit have Vulnerability” mod as a corrupted stat on them. Facebreakers normally cost less than ten Chaos Orbs, but I paid four Exalted Orbs for them. Identifying popular gloves and using Vaal Orbs to waste can be a fairly reliable gamble that can make you a decent amount of cash.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to reiterate that these values are unique to the Blight League, and that you should confirm any pair on the official trade site if you are unsure. The boss drops, however, are one to watch out for with these gloves. You can hopefully find this guide helpful if you’re ever wondering which PoE gloves are worth holding on to!

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