Under Pressure: Why Building Pressure Is Important To Maintain

Under Pressure: Why Building Pressure Is Important To Maintain

Operating a manufacturing plant, medical facility, or another type of commercial building is a great responsibility. You need to know why building pressure is important to maintain so that your space stays clean and comfortable for everyone who steps inside. Knowing the reasons why building pressure is important is just as crucial as knowing how to maintain it. Keep reading to learn more.

Control the Temperature of Your Building

In addition to using an HVAC and thermostat, you can control your building’s temperature by maintaining the pressure. During warmer months, maintaining positive pressure ensures that hot air stays outside. On the other hand, negative pressure during cold months can keep humidity levels comfortable, especially in plants and factories that use high-powered machinery.

Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Positive pressure means you are pumping slightly more air into your building than it can hold. The excess escapes through tiny cracks and the door each time it opens. If clean air isn’t going out of the building, then dirty air is pouring into it. Think of your building like a tent that you want to keep inflated. Too much air pressure could damage the roof, while not enough risks your indoor air quality.

Block Outside Air

To maintain your indoor air quality, you want to block as much outdoor air from coming inside as possible. People who enter your building will bring in smoke and other toxins, but you can prevent additional dirt and debris by maintaining positive building pressure. For instance, when people enter your building, inside air will escape, but automatic doors will push outdoor air right back outside.

Make Your Building Comfortable

No matter what type of commercial building you operate, you want your staff and everyone who visits to be comfortable. Along with your HVAC, use airflow pressure meters to monitor the pressure and temperature in your building and ensure accuracy. Installing HVAC equipment only gets you so far; you must monitor and maintain it to keep your building in its best shape.

Whether you manage a factory, grocery store, or hospital, you need to know why building pressure is important to maintain. You, your staff, and your clients will breathe easier with improved indoor air quality and better temperature control. Keep your building—and the people inside it—comfortable when you maintain your building’s air pressure.

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