Types of Digital Signs and Why Your Business Needs One

Types of Digital Signs and Why Your Business Needs One

Is your business struggling? Do you need something to draw in more customers? Digital signs are an effective way to save money and attract customers.

Continue reading to learn more about the different types of digital signs and why your business needs one.

Types of Digital Signs

There is a wide variety of digital signs that will complement your business and increase success. Consider the following types of digital signs.

Outdoor Digital Sign

Billboards, banners, and various physically printed signs are quickly disappearing for businesses. Instead, people are opting for outdoor digital signs to implement customizable, unique designs that are easily updated.

Outdoor digital signs come in many sizes to accommodate available space, and they are great for promoting sales and products while also keeping customers informed.

Digital Menu

Digital menus are great resources for customers walking into your business. With a digital menu, the items are clearly written and you can incorporate fun graphics to enhance the customer experience.

What if you decide you want to remove items, change prices, add specials, or create a new color scheme for the menu? With a digital version, you won’t have to worry about writing by hand. Digital menus are perfect for conveniently updating menu items and maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

Scrolling LED Display

Do you need to bring in more customers walking by your store, but you aren’t sure how? Scrolling LED displays are digital signs that cycle phrases across the screen on a loop. These signs require little maintenance and are customizable to meet your business needs.

You could program the sign with a phrase about a 30 percent off sale that ends in four days that shouldn’t be missed. Or, include your hours of operation and advertise new products that just arrived. There are not as many color or design options for scrolling LED signs in comparison to various LCD and LED signs, but they are great at grabbing customers’ attention and communicating information.

Digital Poster

Digital posters are commonly found in malls and various retail stores to promote products. Whether it’s placed for indoor or outdoor use, the poster’s graphics and shape can be customized as desired. It’s perfect for advertising items for your business and various sponsors.

Why Does Your Business Need a Digital Sign?

Now that you know about the different types of digital signs, you may be wondering why your business needs one. Many industries can benefit from digital signs, but why are they so important? Some of the benefits of incorporating digital signs into your business include:

  • Increasing visibility for potential customers.
  • Promoting your business with up-to-date deals and information.
  • Decreasing the need for required maintenance.
  • Saving money by updating the sign instead of ordering new custom banners.
  • Incorporating unique digital designs to catch customers’ attention.

If you’re wondering whether your business needs a digital sign, the simple answer is yes! You’ll notice a difference in traffic and your business will reap the many benefits.

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