Troubleshooting Common Issues with Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans

You’ve finished whipping up your signature housemade cookies, and now you have a boxed dessert waiting to be sold at the supermarket or your cafe. But you notice that they’re growing moist and moldy, ruining your prepared confections. A commercial kitchen exhaust fan problem is to blame.

Check your kitchen to avoid compromising your products and your reputation as a quality food producer. Face these common issues with your commercial kitchen exhaust fans head-on with these expert tips.


Damaged or broken ducts can create more serious issues, such as fire risks. Corrosion of ducts is another frequent problem. This can be prevented with regular inspections, cleaning, and the application of protective coatings to areas when necessary.

Unbalanced motors can lead to increased noise levels and can potentially affect performance. A buildup of grease is a common problem that should be addressed with frequent cleaning and, if necessary, professional deep cleaning services. When choosing the best kitchen exhaust fan for your needs, make sure to check on how to prevent grease buildup.

Units and Measures

Obstructions, poor kitchen ventilation systems, and other factors can affect the fan’s performance. Blockages along the ventilation path can be a major issue and can be indicated by measuring the fan’s static pressure.

Measuring the velocity of the air exhaust from the commercial ventilation will help diagnose whether the fan is operating or not. Make sure to measure the frequency of the fan and sound pressure levels. It can help identify whether the fan is making too much noise or is experiencing any other problems. 


Troubleshooting common issues with commercial kitchen exhaust fans is a very important task to keep these fans running at full efficiency. Fans should be routinely inspected for proper operation, as well as checked for any visible damage that may be affecting the performance.

If any repairs are needed, they should be addressed quickly. Keep an eye on the air filter, as this should also be replaced regularly. If the fan is constantly cycling on and off, it could be a sign of a faulty motor, worn bearings, or an incorrect speed setting. If the fan is noisy or making strange noises, it could be due to a clogged fan blade or motor bearing. 


If the hood vents are the wrong size for the ovens and other cooking appliances, they will not pull the air as effectively and will lead to grease accumulation in the restaurant exhaust system. An exhaust hood should be the right size and should also be sealed tightly to the walls and appliances.

If the hood is too small, the fan will have to work harder and could cause damage to the system. If the hood is too large, it will not capture enough air. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the fan and hood should reduce the chances of grease accumulation. 

Prevent Expensive Repairs by Maintaining Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Commercial kitchen exhaust fans are essential for creating a safe and comfortable working environment. Regular maintenance and inspecting for potential issues can help prevent expensive repairs and potentially dangerous situations.

If you have any questions or issues troubleshooting your exhaust fan, do not hesitate to contact a professional for help.

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