Top Signs That Its Time to Take Your Hail Damaged Vehicles for Repairs

Top Signs That Its Time to Take Your Hail Damaged Vehicles for Repairs

Hail damage to vehicles can affect how well your car operates, how long it will last, and the state it will be in when you sell it.

In the US, hail causes around $8 to $14 billion in car body repair costs yearly. So, be sure to watch for the signs of hail damage and bring your car in as soon as possible.

We’re here to help you figure out what your car might be trying to tell you, so keep reading to learn more about hail damaged vehicles.

Visible Dents

Hail can cause major cosmetic damage to vehicles, particularly when it strikes with force. Fortunately, visible signs tell you when it’s time to repair your hail-damaged vehicle, like dents. Looking out for dents on the body and hood of your car and around windows and doors is one of the first things you should do when trying to assess the amount of damage caused by hail.

Take note of how deep the indentations are, and ensure they are evenly distributed throughout the affected area. Look out for any scratches or chipping of the paint as well. Large cracks, rips and holes in the affected area may indicate the need for more serious repairs.

Broken or Cracked Glass

One of the major signs that it is time to have a hail-damaged vehicle repaired is when the glass windows are cracked or broken. This is especially important if the window is the windshield, as it is necessary for one’s safety when driving.

Cracked or broken glass can impair the driver’s vision when driving and be dangerous. In addition, if structural damage has occurred to other parts of the car due to hail, such as dents, broken headlights, or damaged trim, this can further compromise the car’s structural integrity and the driver’s safety on the road.

Paint Damage

Paint damage from hail will often appear as large, dimpled dents. The vehicle’s paint may also look dull, cracked, scratched, or chipped due to the hail.

Additionally, the dents may be accompanied by random streaks in the paint from where the hail has impacted. As these dents and paint damage make your car look unattractive, it’s best to get it repaired quickly.

Reduced Functionality

Damaged hoods, trunks, and roof panels can cause air to move through the car in an uneven way, possibly affecting acceleration, braking, steering, and fuel economy. You may also experience creaks and rattles due to loose parts or broken welds.

Additionally, some of the body panels may need replacing as hail can cause dents and scratches. Lastly, check your lights to ensure they function properly; they may have been damaged during the hail storm.

If you’re unsure if your car’s dents are due to hail, it’s best to consult a professional auto hail repair shop. They can inspect the damaged areas for signs of hail; if they find evidence, you can receive the necessary repairs.

Things to Look Out for Hail Damaged Vehicles

Overall, when you have hail damaged vehicles, you need to take it into the shop for repair to sustain the safety and longevity of your car. Inspecting the car and looking for obvious signs of hail damage, like dents or broken windshields, is the best way to determine if your vehicle needs servicing. So don’t forget to get your hail-damaged car fixed today!

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