Top facts about writing

facts about writing

When you ask college students to describe their essays, the word “fun” is not likely to be the first thing they think of. They even ask “Is it possible paying someone to do your homework?”. At the same time, if you ask college students what they enjoy doing for fun, they’ll tell you that writing is something they love to do. Writing can be fun and enjoyable. This will make it easier to write more and better. We’ll be sharing some fun facts about essays and writing in this article to inspire and motivate you for your writing.

Top facts about essays and writing that you might find fun

Let’s now take a look at some interesting trivia about writing.

  1. Martin Lotze, a German researcher, discovered that creative writing was similar to athletics on the neurological level. He studied both professional athletes as well as professional writers and found that they had similar brain patterns in their respective fields.
  2. Lotze also discovered that professional writers use their speech processing centers more than amateur writers who rely more on their visual centers for their stories.
  3. John Steinbeck used 300 pencils for his classic novel East Of Eden. He reportedly used as many as 60 pencils per day.
  4. Everybody experiences writer’s block. It is impossible to turn your creativity on and off like an electric spigot. Therefore, most writers will experience writer’s blocks from time to time. Most writers find that a short break and a little rest can help them get their creative juices flowing again.
  5. Colygraphia is the formal name for writer’s block. It derives from the Greek words “hinder” & “writing.”
  6. Edith Sitwell was a famous British poet who liked to lie in a coffin open before she began writing. This is one way to get inspired!
  7. Truman Capote believed that writing was easier when he lay flat on his back. He enjoyed writing lying down while he drank a glass of sherry. It is not clear how he held the paper above his head, as he carried a pencil in one hand.
  8. Vladimir Nabokov and Gertrude Stein both believed that sitting in a car was the best place to write.
  9. Friedrich von Schiller claimed that he could only write well when there were rotting apples.
  10. Graham Greene, author, felt it was important to only write 500 words per day. To avoid writing more than 500 words, he would stop at the end of each sentence.
  11. Anthony Trollope saw writing as a type of timed race. He began his day at 5:30 in the morning with 50 words per minute. At fifteen minutes intervals, he counted 250 words and used a watch to keep track.
  12. Alfred Hitchcock cracked a joke while visiting Georges Simenon. Simenon was an author who wrote a lot of novels in a short time. Hitchcock was told that Simenon was working on a new novel when he called to speak with Hitchcock. Hitchcock responded, “Let him finish.” Hitchcock said, “Let him finish. I’ll keep going.”
  13. Friedrich Nietzsche was first major philosopher to use a typewriter. Mark Twain was also the first major novelist who adopted typewriting.
  14. While humans have existed for over 100,000 years, writing is only 3000 BC. Mesopotamia and Egypt were the first to develop writing systems. They evolved from earlier methods of communicating with pictures.
  15. The Inca didn’t have the same system of writing that we do and instead used knotted ropes to write information. They “read” it by looking at the patterns of the knots.
  16. Most college freshmen must take a remedial or introductory college composition course, as they lack the necessary skills to write college-level essays upon their arrival on campus. These numbers have risen significantly over the last twenty years due to changes in writing instruction in high schools.
  17. Students are increasingly turning to legit essay writing services to help them, due to both a lack in skills and a lack time to manage essay writing and other obligations such as work and family. Because so many students face difficulties when writing essays, a growing number of college and university students are turning to professional writers from online companies like to produce custom papers for them.
  18. Many colleges and universities have policies that govern how and when students may use material from essays by others. However, it is legal to buy essays and hire someone to write essays on any topic.
  19. Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham in fifty words because his publisher had bet him $50 that Seuss couldn’t create a book with fifty words. His publisher was forced to pay him $50 after he completed the task and published a modern classic.
  20. Jack Kerouac had such a strong desire to write fast and without distractions that he taped 120 feet of paper together so he could type the second version of On The Road without stopping to change sheets of paper in his typewriter. We don’t have to worry about that today, as every word processor program has its own endless roll paper.

How to make writing more fun on a daily basis

It is likely that there is something you can do if you find it entertaining. We are more motivated to do what we enjoy than what bores, which is quite obvious. How can you make writing more fun? Start your own writing activity. You can start a blog, morning pages or any other type of writing activity. Consider how writing can help to make more money in the future and now. You will be more motivated, since money is always a motivator. Third, reward yourself for reaching your writing goals with treats. This is another motivator that works. When you earn more money and enjoy treats for larger tasks, you can either randomly assign treats or grade them. While not all assignments can be made fun, there are many ways to make writing more enjoyable and engaging.

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