Top Environmental Problems in the United States

Top Environmental Problems in the United States

Environmentalists have long warned people about the top environmental problems in the United States. Though it would be nice if we could solve all our issues with the wave of a magic wand, in reality, it will take the work of our finest minds to get us out of these messes.

Contaminated Soil

Toxic agents in the United States’ soil have reached dangerous levels in the last few decades due to an overabundant use of pesticides and chemicals by farmers and corporations. Diseases resulting from soil contamination have been documented in various regions of the United States, including Tennessee, Montana, and New Jersey.

Thankfully, however, damaged land can be resuscitated. Some companies offer services specifically designed to rehabilitate damaged soil. Especially if you run a business responsible for poisoning land, you could benefit from working with a waste cleanup company.

Air Pollution

Though the United States has a lower mortality rate due to air pollution than most of the world, the quality of our air is far from perfect. Vehicle emissions, industrial processes, heating wastes, and oil plants have left their marks on air quality all across the United States. California is the state with the most pollution, with many of its cities considered to have the lowest quality of air. Detroit, Chicago, and areas along the East and West Coasts and the Gulf of Mexico also struggle with air quality. This pollution causes cancer, behavioral changes, respiratory complications, and even death.

Climate Change

One of the top environmental problems in the United States and the rest of the world, climate change has raised temperatures, melted ice caps, and caused hurricanes. Greenhouse gases, released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, have created a warming planet. Though world leaders continue to commit themselves to plans for drastic changes in the environment, we still need to make a lot of progress to avoid the worst of these effects.

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