Top 5 attractions and karaoke full salons in Gangnam, Seoul

attractions and karaoke full salons in Gangnam, Seoul


Gangnam, Seoul is Korea’s representative urban center and a place with a variety of attractions and cultural attractions, and is always crowded with people.
For those who visit Gangnam, we will introduce five major attractions in Gangnam where you can experience various experiences, memories, and fun.

Karaoke and clubs in Gangnam

Karaoke Club: In Gangnam, there are various karaoke bars and clubs that locals and foreign tourists can enjoy together. In this place
Various events and parties are held, including the latest K-POP and DJ shows. Karaoke in Gangnam has a luxurious atmosphere and a variety of world-class whiskeys and beers.
You can enjoy a drink menu, and we provide a variety of customized services to visiting customers with different themes and atmospheres for each room.
Usually, after having fun at the club, locals visit karaoke with their friends and colleagues. Various information about Gangnam Karaoke and
If you would like more detailed information, please visit the website (강남야구장 풀싸롱 내용 더보기).

A riverside park great for a walk

Banpo Hangang Park: Banpo Hangang Park in Gangnam is located at the southern end of the Hangang River, centered around Banpo Bridge, with Hannam Bridge on the upstream side and Dongjak Bridge on the downstream side.
This is the park it is located in. In particular, the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain installed on both sides of the Banpo Bridge, which was created mainly for the Hangang Renaissance Project, has a total length of
At 1,140m, it is registered by the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest bridge fountain in 2008. Banpo Hangang Park provides an even more spectacular backdrop, especially at night.
Each time the water is sprayed with about 200 lights, it creates a very beautiful scenery with 7 different colors of the rainbow. Additionally, there is a water drop playground in Hangang Park, A variety of leisure sports facilities are available, including an inline-only track, soccer field, and basketball court. There is also a sunset cafe with a wonderful night view, and a beautiful riverside cafe at the cloud cafe. You can enjoy the view of the forest of buildings illuminated by lights.

A shopping mall with a variety of attractions

COEX Mall in Samseong-dong: COEX Mall, located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam, is Asia’s largest underground shopping space, with a multiplex movie theater, themed aquarium, and various cultural experiences.
It is a space crowded together. COEX Mall is also home to a variety of attractions and the largest game show in Korea. Koreans and foreigners visiting Gangnam
It is a major attraction in Gangnam that many tourists visit, and COEX Mall offers a variety of experiences.

Bongeunsa Temple in the city center

Bongeunsa Temple: Bongeunsa Temple is a Korean temple that used to be Gangnam’s only landmark, and is now a thousand-year-old temple located in the heart of Gangnam, Korea’s global town.
It continues as a cultural space for traditional temples. Bongeunsa Temple offers a special view of nature in harmony with modern buildings and the city center, and upon entering the temple, you can enjoy the temple’s unique scenery.
It is a great place to feel the calm atmosphere and clean air.

The largest underground shopping mall

Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Mall: The basement of Gangnam Station is densely packed with commercial facilities, including a large commercial district. It is called an underground shopping mall, and there are various clothing stores and restaurants in that space.
It is a place where you can enjoy a unique experience while shopping and trying various Korean foods.


Gangnam, Seoul is a representative city in Korea and is full of various famous cultural elements. Gangnam, a lively city always crowded with people, is a great place to visit. We introduced you to five major attractions in Gangnam where you can experience various memories and enjoyment.

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