Top 3 Bathroom Upgrades You Need in 2023

Bathroom Upgrades

Whether you have a colleague over or your cousin from Sydney, your bathroom speaks highly about your home. 

Bathrooms became a part of civil society for privacy, sanitation and utility. However, today, bathrooms are a statement to the world. Not just to the world but to yourself too. 

Everyone deserves to feel luxurious and relaxed while taking a hot shower at the end of a tiresome day. The look and feel of your bathroom help with this. Even your bathroom supplies can enhance your morning routine if bought right. 

A poor bathroom renovation reflects your lifestyle choices. The cleanest person may have dirty tiles simply because they chose the wrong material. It’s time for you to be aware and avoid the same mistake. 

Read on ahead to know the top 5 trends in bathroom remodel Cincinatti and why you should upgrade!

1. Rain Shower to Feel the Power

Why settle for a boring shower when you can make it rain? 

If you’re going to spend on a renovation or revamp, it’s wise to do it right. An ordinary shower is limited in its scope and direction. But you need to opt for a 2-in-1 multifunction fixture that allows you to adjust itself.

A dual-attachment shower always helps in this case. It allows you to shift from a directed and intense nozzle to a playful large-area rain shower. 

A rain shower is a sweet treat for young people and those with kids. One can never go wrong with this one. 

2. Rustic Touch to Your Vanity

Vanity is one of the essential items in your bathroom. It is a doorway to your bathroom supplies and a storage unit for excess items. 

While the dichotomy of either colourful or white vanities was trending in 2022- it’s all outdated. It’s time to give your bathroom the rustic and homely look it deserves. 

A wooden or oak vanity can give your bathroom vacation farmhouse feels in no time. Moreover, these materials are safer and healthier to be around. Wood and oak are also something you can quickly fix instead of spending a chunk on carpentry services. 

A wooden vanity is an excellent opportunity for some family DIY time. 

Time to move on to the final bathroom upgrade you must consider. 

3. Stone Cast for Your Basin

Modern bathroom designs stand on going back to the basics. That means you’re returning to when the mortar and pestle were essential.

A stone cast basin in your bathroom elevates the room exponentially. Stone is a heavier and more stable material for a utility such as a basin. In addition, opting for the previously recommended wooden vanities makes stone basins a compatible choice.

With curves and arches trending, picking a round top stone basin makes for an excellent bathroom décor choice.

Here’s a final pro tip for your bathroom upgrade. Ensure to go for bathroom supplies or accessories that are more curvy and round over cornered and pointy. This helps not only with the aesthetic but also the safety value.

To Shut the Pot

Bathroom décor is one of the elements people tend to focus on the least while undergoing a home upgrade. However, the state of your bathroom speaks volumes.

Choosing the right upgrade can serve you well for years to come. A rain shower, stone basin and wooden vanity are just three top bathroom upgrades one can pick from.

Knowing your needs and deciding your style before you pick your accessory in the best possible way. Go ahead. It’s time for an upgrade!

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