Top 10 Questions About Alcoholics Anonymous In New Jersey

Alcoholics Anonymous

With so many people discovering they are alcoholic and wanting to do something about it, it stands to reason that they would start looking around for help regarding the same.

In the very initial stages of them doing so, they hear the term Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA, and wonder what the hoopla is all about. They have a long list of questions about AA and go around seeking the answers to those.

Let’s make this easy for you. Here are the top ten questions about AA and their answers:

  1. What is AA?

AA is a society of alcoholics, new and former. AA meetings are held all over the world. In these, members get together and discuss ways to gain sobriety.

  1. Will one meeting mean I am committed to the cause?

Nope. There are no attendance records of these meetings. You attend them because you want to. No one can force you to go to a meeting. That desire has to come from within.

  1. How do I find a meeting?

That’s simple. You use an AA meetings locator or AA meeting directory to do so. There are apps too that you can use to do that.

4. What happens in an AA meeting in New Jersey?

There are several forms of these meetings. However, one thing is common among them all – people speak about their experiences with alcoholism, how it affected their lives and the steps they are taking to reach sobriety.

5. How will going to a meeting change my life?

It will help you control your impulse to drink. You will come into contact with those who are battling the bottle and those who have already won. Their support and encouragement will strengthen your resolve to become sober too.

6. Are there any charges?

No, AA is free to attend. 

7. How do I become a member?

You are a member if you attend the meetings and aren’t one when you stop. It is really that simple. The only stipulation of being an AA member is your wish to stop drinking.

8. Can people of any colour or race join?

Yes, AA is devoid of any prejudice – people of all faiths, colours, and races are welcome to join it. As mentioned before, the only vital element is the member’s goal of attaining sobriety.

9. Is AA religious? 

No, it is not. There are no religious affiliations whatsoever in AA.

10. Why do former alcoholics attend AA?

They attend AA because they want to help new members to attain sobriety. Going to AA helps one to develop the strong urge to help others. There is a very warm atmosphere of non-judgmental people who reach out to those who ask for help in beating the bottle.

It is not easy to fight this battle alone. And you really don’t have to be a lone warrior when there are so many helping hands ready to do so. Attend a meeting today! For more information on AA and the use of a sobriety calculator, check out

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