Tips to choose the right corporate venue for your next business event

There are so many things to think about when planning a corporate event that often the choice of location comes a long way down the list of priorities. However, finding the right venue for your event can often mean the difference between the success and failure of your presentation.

Sure, you undoubtedly need to concentrate on other factors too, such as A/V materials, your choice of invited guests and your actual presentation notes – but all of these can be positively or negatively impacted by your choice of location.

Choosing the right venue

If you’re considering holding an event and are wondering what differentiates a great venue from one that’s substandard or simply not fit for purpose, read on for some tips.

Size matters: Perhaps more than any consideration, size should probably be top of your list when choosing a corporate venue. Go too small and your guests are going to be cramped into the room – go too large and you’ll create the feeling of a vacuous hall with few attendees. When you’re planning your event, try to nail down how many visitors you anticipate inviting and choose a space accordingly. You should also bear in mind any A/V equipment or presentations you intend using to ensure you have enough room to feature everything – plus think about how you’re going to present on stage, the number of speakers you might have, and so on.

Think about your budget: Budget will likely influence every other choice in this list – particularly when it comes to size, location and quality of venue. However, while it might be tempting to scrimp and save where possible, remember the whole point of your event is to create a lasting impression in the minds of your clients (potential and existing) so try to resist the temptation to go cheap and cheerful – it will only backfire on you further down the line.

Be sure to check availability: You should ensure your choice of venue is available on the dates you require before announcing your event. However, availability doesn’t just apply to the venue – you should also bear in mind the availability of the guests you want to attend. For example, if you already know a rival event or meeting is taking place on certain dates, you should avoid creating an overlap where attendees might have to choose which to attend.

Location: Location can be critically important, particularly if you intend inviting foreign guests that might prefer a venue closer to major airports or rail links. Remember, your guests are doing you a favor attending so you should make their journeys as simple and quick as possible.

Check the venue has adequate parking: Again, linked to the above idea that your guests are doing you a favor attending, you should make their lives as simple as possible by choosing a location with adequate parking facilities. Parking can be a considerable problem in many city center venues – often resulting in guests having to use pay and display facilities – not really the impression you want to make on your guests.

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