Thoughtful Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

Thoughtful Baby Shower Favors

A survey showed that around 64% of parents who are expecting a child have a baby shower. 

Planning a baby shower is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider, such as the food, the games, the location, and the gifts

It’s a special occasion that will make the expecting mother feel loved and supported. As the host, it’s also important that you make the guest feel appreciated as well. They took time out of the day to be there to celebrate. 

Choosing which baby shower favors to buy can be tricky. There are so many options and you want to make sure the guests enjoy them and they don’t end up in the trash

This guide is packed full of baby shower gift ideas that you’ll find helpful as you plan your party. Read on for more!! 

Personalized Lip Balm

If you’re struggling to choose a gift, always opt for something practical. Often times party favors get put in a drawer and forgotten about which is the last thing you want. You also don’t want to give your guests something they won’t use.

A personalized lip balm is simple, but it’s useful. It’s an item that everyone uses, so no matter who comes to the baby shower they will like it. 

You can put the baby’s name on it and you can even customize the flavor to the theme of the party. Lip balm is also a great gift because it’s not expensive. 

Mini Succulent Plants

Another gift that can be given to anyone, no matter their gender, is a succulent plant. It’s an eco-friendly gift and they are easy to care for. They can easily be placed on a shelf or desk.

It will act as a reminder of the party and the baby that’s on the way. To make it more personalized, you can tie a note to the pot. This is also not a pricey gift to buy. 

Tea Bags and Coffee

Another practical gift is a box of tea bags. It’s simple yet thoughtful. You can place a quote or ‘thank you’ message in the box as well. 

You can pick and choose from a variety of different flavors. You can be sure that your guest will take them at the end of the party. 

As a host, you don’t want to be left with a bunch of baby shower party favors that no one wants. You won’t have this issue with a box of tea bags. 

If you know a lot of your guests drink coffee, you can opt to give everyone a bag of beans instead. If you can’t decide, you can do a combination of both. A clever saying about motherhood or a baby on the way will look perfect on the front of the bag. 

Personalized Cookies

What’s a party without dessert? Cookies are a great way to show your application to your guests. They can be enjoyed at the party or after they can take them home. 

You can have them decorated based on the theme of the party. If you know the baby’s name, consider adding their first initial to a few of them. Be sure to save a few for the expecting mother and her family, as they may want to take a few home as well. 

Tote Bags 

You can never have too many bags and guests can use their customized tote bags later on.

They can be very versatile. People can use them for travel or to carry groceries. For other moms, it can be used as a diaper bag. 

Be sure to think about what you want to have embroidered on the bag. Putting the baby’s name is a cute idea, but people may not use it as often. Instead, use a design that fits with the theme. 

Koozies and Mini Champagne Bottles

A baby shower is a celebration and while the expecting mother can’t drink alcohol, your other guests can. Champagne can be pricey, but mini bottles are a great touch. They are less expensive than a full size. 

To pair with your mini champagne, purchase a koozie and add it to everyone’s gift bag. A koozie is another item that can be used in the future. While it’s not as practical as some of the other options, it’s more fun

Choosing what to have printed or embroidered on your koozies can be a challenge. Check out these baby shower koozies sayings ideas for help. 

Self-Care Basket

Life gets busy and people often forget to take care of themselves. They rush to and from work and attend everyone’s parties and events and don’t slow down. 

A self-care basket will remind everyone to take some time for themselves. You can include lotions, bath bombs, soaps, face masks, or a candle. Some people may not splurge on self-care products, which makes these the perfect baby shower favors. 

The Best Baby Shower Favors

You may not want to invest in baby shower favors, but they are a simple way to thank your guests. They took time out of the busy week to come to celebrate the expecting mother and you’d be surprised how far small baby shower favors go. 

Don’t let the party planning become too overwhelming. There are many tips and tricks that can help you make the process easier.

The good news is they aren’t hard to find. Continue browsing our site. We have many different articles packed full of ideas and advice. 

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