Things To Know Before Switching From Cop to Firefighter

Things To Know Before Switching From Cop to Firefighter

A question has come up recently about police officers transitioning from their current positions to frontline careers. A frontline career is rewarding in many ways, but many police officers aren’t prepared to move into these other roles. As a police officer looking to transfer over to a firefighter role, these are the things to know before switching.

It’s Hard Doing Both Roles at the Same Time

It’s possible to perform both jobs at once, as both have strict hours for their workers. A police officer works in rotating shifts of 8 to 10 hours daily, while firefighters work 24 hours. The grind never stops for either officer, but the ability to perform tasks well falters as time stretches on. As such, transitioning fully to the new role is better than trying to work both roles simultaneously.

Why You Should Only Pick One Career

To ensure a healthy work-life balance while maintaining your physical health and personal life, pick one career and stick with it. If you want a career in fire safety, set up a time to talk with firefighters about their work life. Knowing what they do gives you a better idea of how to pick a career.

Firefighters Must Be Physically Fit

Firefighters must pass strict physical tests. If workers don’t pass, they must attend fitness training classes to help them get into shape. Firefighters must be at the top of their performance when encountering dangerous situations. They need to be ready to perform a variety of tasks on the spot, from heavy lifting to bending and twisting.

Firefighter Training Requires More Bookwork

Firefighters must go through much more bookwork than police officers. A strong knowledge of math goes a long way for firefighters, as they must determine the best way to avoid damaging the building’s structural integrity while navigating burning buildings. While in fire training school, a firefighter will build a knowledge of firefighter hand tools that aid them in working in dangerous situations.

There’s More Room for Growth

Aside from the foundational building blocks of your training, you’re encouraged to expand your skills to other areas, such as EMT certification. This certification allows you to operate ambulances in the firehouse. Certificates are helpful if you want to do more than help put out fires.

Why a Public Safety Career Is Beneficial

A public safety career is beneficial in numerous ways. While both police officers and firefighters provide their fair share of help in emergencies, it’s the firefighter whose work puts them closer to danger. Firefighters have more safety protocols to follow than police officers, and they must carry more equipment to and from each safety checkpoint.

Overall, switching from a career as a cop to a firefighter isn’t as easy as you’d think. While both individuals serve their communities, one has more schooling and opportunities to grow in their field. Talk with others about your desired career switch before making a final decision. Take the proper steps to successfully transition from your current career to a new one.

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