Things About the Trucking Industry You Didn’t Know

Things About the Trucking Industry You Didn’t Know

When you read the phrase “trucking industry,” your first thoughts are likely not fascinating facts and statistics. Truthfully, the trucking industry and the people that work within it have some interesting characteristics, and they’re worth exploring. Look at our brief guide on some lesser-known facts about the trucking industry to see for yourself!

Trucking Can Be a Dangerous Occupation

We thought we’d kick off this list of some interesting things about the trucking industry by explaining how hazardous the occupation can be. In fact, trucking holds a position in America’s top 10 most dangerous jobs. This shouldn’t come as a shock. After all, truckers are expected to operate huge vehicles carrying massive shipments.

Not to mention, truckers are expected to drive for long periods each day. As a result, the job can come with certain risks. Believe it or not, the dangers aren’t just exclusive to traffic collisions. The biggest threat to truckers is actually a lack of exercise, healthy food choices, and overall loneliness on the road.

Excessive traveling can make seeing a doctor challenging. Luckily, trucking is one of the most regulated industries on the Department of Transportation’s docket, so most truckers can get what they need to maintain their mental and physical health.

Truckers Can Drive Up to 3,000 Miles a Week

Another interesting fact about truckers is that they can travel up to 3,000 miles in a week. This distance depends on various things, many of which have a lot more to do than the weather and other external factors. Most trucking companies require their drivers to adhere to a certain speed limit, regardless of what’s posted on the road.

Additionally, federal law dictates that truckers are prohibited from driving for more than a certain number of hours daily. These factors determine how much a trucker is permitted to drive within a week. Typically, the cap is around 3,000 miles. If you ask us, that’s still a pretty impressive distance to cover in a week.

More Than 80 Percent of American Communities Depend on Trucking

Almost every community nationwide depends on trucking to deliver necessities, which is likely another thing about the trucking industry you didn’t know. More specifically, 80 percent of American communities get their groceries, toiletries, clothing, and medicine from truck delivery.

Fortunately, the demand for speedy shipment deliveries and other trends affecting trucking is pushing freight companies to equip their truckers with the necessary tools to continue providing for these communities. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you handle your shopping online or go to the local grocery store. Truckers play a role in ensuring all of those store shelves—virtual or otherwise—are fully stocked. This fact is even more true for rural communities who are not close to an airport, train station, or other shipment delivery methods.

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