The Top Utility Uses for Your ATV or UTV

The Top Utility Uses for Your ATV or UTV

It’s no secret that ATVs and UTVs offer fun opportunities for anyone looking to get off the beaten path. However, this isn’t all they can do. With a design well-suited for uneven terrain and long-distance travel, there are several tasks that these vehicles can assist with around the house. This is especially the case if you live on a larger property that requires a lot of year-round maintenance. Here are some of the top utility uses for your ATV or UTV and how you can modify them to meet your needs.

Supply and Material Transportation

Whether it’s rocks, trash, logs, or yard debris, transporting large quantities of these items can be a pain without help. Fortunately, your ATV can streamline the process. Though these machines already have ample luggage space for carrying gear, there are several aftermarket cart attachments with a higher capacity. Combined with the vehicles’ horsepower, it’s possible to tote hundreds of pounds in a single trip.

Landscaping and Grass Mowing

Your ATV or UTV can also help with mowing and maintaining your lawn. With a versatile hitch on the back, these machines can accommodate a series of attachments, one of which is a towing mower. There are several benefits to turning your ATV or UTV into a yard mower, including its superior performance, speed, and cost. This is the way to go if you’re looking to make the most out of your investment.

Fencing Installation

Another top utility use for your ATV or UTV is to aid in fencing installation. Not only can these vehicles carry all your tools from post to post, but they can also help in quickly unfurling wire fencing with a rear-mounted roller. This saves you ample time installing these materials and ensures everything is where you need it.

Property Surveying

If you want to survey your large property for maintenance purposes, an ATV or UTV is the best way to get around. Able to fly over hills and cruise down slopes with ease, these rides make even hanging out in your own backyard an adventure.

Snow Plowing

ATVs and UTVs are useful for plowing snow out of your driveway or porch in the winter. High horsepower capabilities and stable tires allow you to systematically push large snowbanks out of the way with ease. This reduces the amount of time plowing with a shovel takes, and protects you from potential injury.

ATVs and UTVs are incredibly useful machines to own. So, if you need to get something done, make sure you’re utilizing yours to its fullest range of capabilities.

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