The Super Inverter: Victron Multiplus

Super Inverter: Victron Multiplus

An essential part of any solar setup is an inverter. Solar panels naturally take the sun and convert it into DC power. To use your electricity in a more versatile way, you need AC power. This is where inverters come in. They take in the DC power and invert it to AC power. You can use that energy to power things in your home. As it is such an essential part of your setup, you’ll naturally want a high-quality inverter to last and handle the power you’re making.

Victron MultiPlus Inverters

Plenty of solar inverters on the market will do the job pretty well, but some will be limited in a couple of ways. The amount of power you’re making can be too much for most run-of-the-mill inverters; they can overload and get damaged and aren’t made to last through multiple cycles. Victron MultiPlus inverters, however, are made with various features that create a powerful and long-lasting inverter. 

MultiPlus PowerAssist

These inverters come with something called PowerAssist. PowerAssist is a smart feature designed to prevent overloading in your system. If your inverter gets a steady stream of power that it can’t handle, it will shut down automatically to prevent damage. This is a great way to maintain integrity in your inverter and ensure a longer-lasting product.

Power Supply

If you’re switching from grid to battery power, your power usually goes out for a couple of hours while making the switch. This inverter allows you to switch between power sources seamlessly within seconds. This allows excellent convenience when there are power outages in your area and you want to change your batteries for backup power. You won’t even miss a beat!

Another function is that it handles power loads exceptionally well. Multiple inverters can easily handle extensive input/outputs of power and various loads. There are also different models of this inverter for different scenarios. Look around for the best one for you. These inverters also come with remote monitoring. You use an app on a smartphone or log into your account on the Victron website to keep track of your power levels from anywhere! 

Victron MultiPlus inverters will last you a long time and will help to stabilize your power supply from your solar array. They are worth every cent, so think about purchasing one for your solar power setup.

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