The Right Fabric Or Material To Use For Roll Up Banner

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The roll-up banners are gaining popularity more than ever because of the fact that they are pretty easy to set up and carry forward. You have probably seen the banner not just in trade shows and exhibitions, but even in the retail environments. Some of the quirky applications will include being in conferences, receptions, restaurants and even in bar areas. Businesses are even catching up and using these impressive banners to help them with their marketing tactics.

Now, it is mandatory to check out the materials of the roll up banner, where the images and information will be printed. Selecting the wrong fabric or material will ruin the entire marketing trend now. Even though these banners are cheaper, but this is not any economical save. A cheap banner mostly means producing lower quality items mainly when it comes to the banner industry. So, it is vital to head for the best materials which will improve the effectiveness of the banner well. 

Using the polyester option is a good call:

The materials, which are widely used for the roll-up banners will vary straight from PVC vinyl to polyester fabric or the synthetic paper PVC. There are multiple printing companies, which will state that the roll-up banner on the PVC won’t do you any harm. The reason you better avoid this material is that it will inevitably curl after a certain span of time!

  • Most of the PVC materials will have a double or triple layer of PVC or PP. One of these layers will have the images printed on it and the other is designed for backing. These layers will mostly start to shrink after a certain time, but not at the same rate. So, the edges will start to curl inwards or outwards.
  • Another reason behind this curl is the type of ink used on the PVC material. While printing banners, in 98%, a solvent-based ink is likely to be used. It can alter the entire look of the material.

The use of Flexi paper material:

You can identify this material from vertical and horizontal lines running within. It helps in providing that filamentous feel and looks. This material is not pretty robust and thick when compared to the other Flexi materials. But, they do have a certain range of flexibility, which is also reasonably durable for the available rate. Through economics, this material can be notorious for holding up whenever exposed to rainfall and sunlight.

The best type: Among the lot, the best type where you can print the roll-up banner will be the polyester-based one. Opal Jet is one option, which will deliver premium printing quality, much as you have wanted. The surface will be proficiently optimized so that you can maximize the color and create ultra-sharp images. In case you are not stingy with the budget, you can upgrade to the premium quality roller banner with a matte grey coating. It acts as a stoplight barrier. The coating comes with anti-static and anti-curl properties.

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