The Potential Security Risks of a Warehouse Facility

The Potential Security Risks of a Warehouse Facility

Warehouses are common targets for theft because of the high number of expensive merchandise being held in this large facility where things are constantly coming and going. They’re counting on you being so busy that you’re unable to have the proper security measures in place to stop them. So, owners have to be vigilant, proactively putting security measures in place to fortify any weak points. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of the potential security risks of a warehouse facility, so you can take measures to eliminate these common pitfalls.

Poor Exterior Lighting

When your employees come and go from your building, they want to feel safe moving through the parking lot. Even if you have a perimeter fence with poor exterior lighting, your staff won’t feel comfortable outside at night.

Also, you’ll want to work with a security consultant to identify any dark spots in your lighting in the interior and exterior where thieves could hide to avoid cameras. Unless you have night vision cameras, you’ll need to keep the CCTV areas very well-lit for them to be effective.

Dishonest Employees

Regardless of how many deterrents you put to stop any theft from external threats, often, if anything gets stolen from your warehouse, it will be an inside job. The easiest way to avoid something like this from happening is by hiring the right people. Make sure to conduct background searches on any new hires to identify potential red flags. Then, with new hires, start them out on a trial basis with limited access to sensitive company materials.

Unlocked Doors

If you only lock your exterior doors, a thief can get anywhere once they are inside the building. So, as simple as it may seem, make sure to lock your doors. An effective way to improve your warehouse security is by installing control access readers on your interior and exterior doors. This way, you can control who has access to what parts of the building, as well as track who goes in and out of doors.

Overgrown Landscaping

Besides hiding in dark spots, thieves will take advantage of overgrown landscaping, using it as cover to avoid security cameras. So, if you have any grass, shrubs, or trees around the exterior of your warehouse, make sure that you keep them manicured. It’s a simple thing to stay on top of that will give your business a better face to present to any visiting clients.

Now that you’re aware of the potential security risks of a warehouse facility, you can identify if your site has any of these problems and fix them.

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