The Most Common Weather Hazards in Texas

The Most Common Weather Hazards in Texas

As one of the largest states in America, Texas is home to a plethora of different environments and walks of life. This, combined with its location close to the coast, make it a prime hot spot for weather of all kinds. Texas weather patterns are some of the most diverse and dangerous. These are some of the most common weather hazards in Texas and how you can protect yourself if you live there.

Severe Storms

To start, Texas tends to experience more severe rain and thunderstorms than areas farther north. This is due to the fact that the state sits right along the coastline, where these weather patterns typically develop. So, these events typically come with more rain and higher winds, and they’re more likely to develop into something more dangerous.


Speaking of which, tornadoes are also more frequent in Texas for this exact reason. The higher wind speeds, coupled with the vast areas of farmland and flat terrain, make the perfect environment for funnel clouds to form. Because of this, Texas’s more rural residents are encouraged to know how to prepare for these storms and what to do to protect themselves in an emergency.

Extreme Heat and Drought

Another of the most common weather hazards in Texas is extreme heat and, as a result, potential droughts. Resting closer to the equator, the southern half of the United States is recognized for its heat and humidity. However, Texas often has long dry spells and several consecutive days of high heat every summer. This can sap the water out of humans, plants, and animals and make heatstroke a real possibility for all. As such, staying indoors and keeping hydrated during these periods are musts.


Even when the state gets rain after a long drought, it doesn’t come without a few risks. Suddenly introducing heavy rain back into dust-like soil can make the ground unstable, resulting in landslides that can damage nearby property. People who live at the base of hilly areas are at an especially high risk for this. Therefore, knowing the signs a landslide is about to begin and having an escape route in mind are key.

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