The Items To Remove Before a House Showing

The Items To Remove Before a House Showing

An essential part of selling your home is staging the house. Many home sellers mistakenly leave unnecessary things in the home during showings and photographing. Take a look at the items to remove before a house showing. Clearing away these pieces of decor makes it easier for families to view your square footage and foresee themselves living in your dwelling.

Family Photos

Your family portraits are gorgeous, but they steal away the emotional connection potential home buyers will have with the house. Before you offer any slot for home viewings, make sure you take down any family photos. By removing family photos, future families can envision an entirely new life in the residence.

Personal Items

Personal items need to go as well. Anything too personal, from board games to purses, clothes, and toiletries, needs to go. You should have all personal items in boxes or a separate storage unit so that each room is a blank canvas. A crowded, lived-in space can make the rooms seem smaller and less appealing to buyers.


While it’s sometimes OK to have pets in the house, it’s better to board them or take them to a trusted family member’s house during every viewing. While your pets are cute, some buyers fear animals, are allergic, or will question what messes to expect in the home because of your pets. Keep your furry family members out of the house for the time being.


Clutter is another thing you need to reduce before scheduling any tours with your selling agent. One of the biggest things to do is sort through every room and remove unnecessary furniture. You want to target these three rooms as you go: the kitchen, the main bedroom, and the living room.

You can easily keep the living room organized and spacious by keeping only the necessary items, such as the couch, coffee table, and desk. One of the simplest tips for staging your home is to remove clutter so that the buyer can visualize the space with ease.

As you get to know the things you need to remove before a house showing, you’ll start to see more buyers taking an interest in your listing. Keep this list in mind as you go through the process of staging your home so that prospective buyers can imagine their lives in your property.

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