The Economic Benefits of Single-Use Bioprocessing

The Economic Benefits of Single-Use Bioprocessing

The biopharmaceutical industry is in a period of rapid change, with a growing demand for more efficient and flexible manufacturing processes. Single-use bioprocessing systems provide viable alternatives to traditional stainless steel systems and provide benefits of cost and flexibility. Read on to discover some economic benefits of single-use bioprocessing.

Smaller Investment

A traditional stainless steel bioprocessing system demands a significant upfront investment. You must invest in not only the equipment but also in some of the infrastructure surrounding it. Finally, you’ll need employees who know how to use it. Single-use bioprocessing systems come with much lower initial costs and can be implemented in facilities of any size.

Lower Operating Costs

Single-use systems are surefire ways to reduce ongoing operating costs. They require less labor, utilities, and maintenance than stainless steel systems. All single-use components come pre-sterilized, so there is no need to spend precious time or resources cleaning or sterilizing before each task.

More Flexibility

Additionally, single-use technology provides you with more manufacturing flexibility in your facility. As the market demands change, you can reconfigure your single-use system quickly to pivot your production. Enhanced flexibility will surely reduce lead times and speed up any upcoming product launches, which is essential in a time-sensitive environment.

Faster Time to Market

Simple design and quick implementation of single-use systems will shorten the time it takes a product to go from production to market. With minimal time required for equipment installation, you can start production more quickly than with traditional systems and capitalize on new opportunities in the market.

Now that you understand these economic benefits of single-use bioprocessing, evaluate your organization’s specific needs and goals to determine if these systems are the right solution for your biomanufacturing processes. Consider the advantages and challenges of single-use bioprocessing, and make an informed decision to drive change and growth in your organization.

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