The Do’s and Don’ts Directly After a Vehicle Accident

Vehicle Accident

Perhaps nothing is more frightening and disconcerting than finding yourself in a vehicle accident.

You may have sudden visions of broken bones, bruises, or death. No matter how prepared you may be, it’s impossible to be ready for a life-changing accident.

While the adrenaline and shock can get you through the event, the aftermath can be challenging. You have to take steps to protect yourself from auto insurance companies or careless drivers that might try to throw the blame on you.

Read on to learn about the most crucial auto accident do’s and don’ts.

Do Call the Police

It is necessary to call the police immediately after a vehicle accident. This is one of the first things you must do without fail.

Even if you believe that the accident is not too bad, it still helps to have the vehicle wreck documented correctly through the police. Especially if you want to file a claim against the person who caused your accident.

If you have a police report stating that the other driver was at fault, you will have a stronger case regarding the car accident. Many people get overwhelmed during an accident.

Understandably, you may not think to call the cops straight away. However, this can work against you if you are not careful. Without a police report, your insurance company will make you run in circles.

Therefore, it is always worth making that phone call to get the police to prepare your report for it to be recorded.

Do Seek Medical Help

Another thing that people who have been in a vehicle crash tend to forget is seeking medical attention. This is one of the most common mistakes because not all accidents are the same.

Sometimes, people get into car accidents and barely come out with a few scratches. However, there are internal injuries you may not realize you are suffering from.

If you hit your head during an accident, you may not feel injured until a few hours or days later. Then your symptoms can be much worse. A medical doctor will then diagnose your injuries.

They can also write a report to claim that your injuries result from the accident. This way, the other party cannot blame you for being clumsy and causing your own injuries.

Remember that if your accident is caused by another driver, you should get compensated for medical treatment. If you wait too long to seek help, you risk not receiving the compensation you deserve.

Besides compensation, it is better to not risk waking up in excruciating pain days later if you did not call an ambulance on the day of the accident.

Do Get Other Driver’s Information

If you can walk around and communicate after the accident, it is worth getting the other driver’s information before leaving the scene. It is best to obtain the make and model of the car that crashed into you.

Also, grab their license place and driver’s license information. Then you should note down any insurance information they provide, their telephone number, and their address.

With this information, tracking down the driver when you want to claim compensation would be easier.

It would be best to speak to the other driver calmly without admitting guilt or blaming them for the accident. This is counterproductive and may work against you in court later.

Do Take Photos of Your Vehicle Accident

Pictures say a thousand words. After getting hit by the other driver, you should take as many photos of the accident scene as possible.

Your photos should include different angles of the damaged car and any injuries you have suffered. Even if you have just received a bruise, it is better to take a photo.

Having a lot of pictures will help in your favor if the other driver tries to pin the accident on you when it is their fault.

Do Not Move Your Car

Unless you are required by law, you should not attempt to move your damaged car after the accident. Let the police come to the scene to see exactly where the vehicles ended up after the crash.

The officer at the scene will need to document everything, especially details about the point of impact that occurred in the crash. If the cars are moved before the police arrive, they cannot gather the proper evidence.

Then things can get tricky because the other driver will try and blame you for everything. Therefore, it is always better to let the police arrive to ensure your story lines up.

Do Not Admit Fault

If you are a polite person with a lot of empathy, your first instinct may be to get out of the car and apologize to the other driver. However, it is crucial to avoid saying those words.

If an accident is not your fault, you have nothing to apologize for. You do not want to get caught apologizing because it could be taken as an admittance of guilt.

Let the police arrive and determine the fault based on their investigation instead of accidentally making everyone believe you caused the accident.

Do Not Settle Without an Attorney

Insurance companies often offer to settle the claim quickly to avoid paying the total amount you deserve. They will not take your medical bills into account.

They will also not cover all the expenses you incur after the accident, like loss of wages if you need time to recover from your injuries. They will do their best to lower the offer in hopes that you will quickly accept it to avoid dealing with them anymore.

This is wrong; you need to hire a vehicle accident lawyer to fight for your rights. Check out this car accident lawyer to ensure you get the best legal counsel.

Hire a Lawyer Today

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts directly after a vehicle accident, it is time to find the best attorney to handle your car accident injury case.

Remember that insurance companies will always offer the lowest amount, so it is essential that you do not settle or agree to record a statement without a lawyer present.

Your attorney will be the best person to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for all the pain and suffering. If you enjoyed reading this legal guide, check out some of our other posts.

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