The Different Types of Dump Trucks

The Different Types of Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are the standard for hauling materials. These vehicles are essential to the construction process. But there are several types of equipment on the market, and knowing which ones are best for certain situations is the key to making the right choice in this industry. These are four of the different types of dump trucks and their specific functions.

Standard Dump Truck

The standard dump truck is the most frequently purchased model in the field. This is because it tends to offer superior maneuverability, even over soft soil, while handling a multitude of different materials. These trucks have a hydraulic arm mounted between the cab and the bed which helps lift this component into the proper loading and unloading positions. Standard dump trucks are also among the most adaptable and can be outfitted with a series of accessories and modifications.

Transfer Dump Truck

Transfer dump trucks are fairly popular as well. With the basic design of a standard dump truck, this model comes with many of the same benefits. However, instead of the bed being attached, transfer dump trucks have moveable and detachable material handling spaces. This allows the operator to increase load capacity when necessary without sacrificing any maneuverability. These beds are compatible with many common construction materials, like dirt, asphalt, wood chips, and even steel.

Side Dump Truck

Another of the different types of dump trucks is the side-loading model. Unlike other machines, this truck is designed so that its bed can tilt sideways to dump materials on the ground. This makes them one of the fastest dump trucks for unloading purposes. This also means that the bed has a very high capacity. It’s a great choice for any project under time constraints.

Off-Road Dump Truck

If a job requires driving over particularly rough terrain, off-road dump trucks are the best option. While they have a slightly smaller load capacity, these trucks allow a driver to maneuver over rugged surfaces. Their larger tires help absorb shock so that materials stay secure while driving. Off-road dump trucks also work well over long-distance hauls.

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