The Best Paved Paths To Ride Your Electric Bike

The Best Paved Paths To Ride Your Electric Bike

Scattered across the country are beautiful and user-friendly bike trails that electric bike enthusiasts can enjoy. These places feature some of the best paved paths for e-bikes of all makes and models, so there’s no need to stress over tire size and gear. If you’re looking to pack the bike and hit the trails, here is a list of some must-visit locations in the US.

Monterey Bay, California

Monterey Bay Trail is a haven where the ocean meets land. Riders can enjoy scenic views and the breathtaking landscape of the coastline. The bonus to this path is the moderate hills and turns, allowing riders to enjoy a leisure stroll without much effort. It’s roughly 36 miles from start to finish, so there’s plenty of trail to put your e-bike to the test.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Not many plan a trip to Idaho, but if you’re an electric bike rider, you should consider making the adventure. Coeur d’Alene is one of the most interesting rides you’ll experience, so you don’t want to miss an opportunity to hit the path. There are over 70 miles of paved trails that combine history, lakes, mountains, and prairies. Ensure you prepare your vehicle correctly and haul your bike safely any time you travel a long distance.

Pine Creek, Pennsylvania

On the other side of the Mississippi, you can find this expansive 62-mile cruise in Pine Creek Gorge, Pennsylvania. The area features lush, green forests and a winding trail that runs parallel to the river. There are stops along the way, including a campground, a small town, and abundant history. The ride itself is easy, vibrant, and filled with wildlife.

River Mountains Loop, Nevada

The desert is an outdoorsy paradise, but consider making the trip when the temperature is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The River Mountains Loop gives riders a taste of mountain life with views of Lake Mead, Las Vegas Valley, and the Hoover Dam. The area’s wildlife—including bighorn sheep and desert crawlers—adds to this interesting ride. The trail is roughly 35 miles, so it’s the perfect distance on a warm day.

Shark Valley, Florida

Shark Valley is a shorter ride, but deserves a spot on this list because of its unique environment and smooth pathway. You can cruise on your electric bike along this 16-mile stretch of pristine paved path. The wildlife in the area is consistent with the Everglades biology and includes wildflowers, alligators, birds, and marsh creatures. Along the way, you might find a picnic table to rest and soak in your surroundings.

There are many places to enjoy your electric bike. Securing your e-bike to your vehicle and making a road trip to one of these locations can allow you to reset, unplug, and cruise the days away. Where will you go first?

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